WordPress News – December 28th

In this final WordPress news post of 2016, we’ve put up a list of the biggest news from the WordPress community from the last two weeks. In today’s list: WordPress 4.7 “Vaughan” is out, WordPress.com introduced VR and 360° content for all WordPress sites, BuddyPress is upgraded to patch a vulnerability and more. #01 WordPress 4.7 […]

WordPress News – December 6th

Ever felt irritated, impatient, and nervous after having to skip lunch? The same way that tasty and healthy food makes you kinder and more efficient, we hope our latest WordPress news will feed your mind and offer some inspiration to help you bring your A-game this week. #01 WordPress 4.7 Release You’ve already heard a lot […]

Top 11 Reasons WordPress is the Best Platform for Your Website

WordPress is one of several modern content management systems, but it confidently takes the leading role. WordPress developers are happy to use this system since 13 years, from the initial release date of May 27, 2003. It has developed over the years, with an increasing number of available themes and plugins, and the version number […]

WordPress News – 22 of November

It’s always important to stay on top of the trends! We share latest WordPress news to make your day more interesting and filled with useful information. #01 WordCamp in Nashville A lot of WordPress developers and other fans of this great content management system already know which state and city will host WordCamp US the next […]

WordPress News – 8th of November

It’s so pleasant to drink a cup of coffee or cappuccino and read some interesting and useful information. Today we offer you WordPress news as fresh as your donuts and freshly brewed coffee. #01 WordPress 4.7 Beta 2 Go ahead and look through which new features and details have been added in the latest WordPress Beta […]

WordPress News – 1st of November 2016

Today is the best day to dive into the informational ocean and find several pearls of WordPress news. #01 WordPress 4.7 Beta 1 Now WordPress 4.7 Beta 1 is now available. Note, this is not the final version ready to use! Everybody is encouraged to test this version and find bugs. Basic points which are suggested […]

WordPress News – 11th of October 2016

Here we go with the latest portion of WordPress news around the world! #01 WordCamp Phoenix The first of October was marked by the beginning of WordCamp Phoenix. During two days over 35 speakers shared their views, thoughts and experience. Every attender was able to find some interesting and useful info, got new connections and communicate […]

How to Work with a Web Designer to Create a Great WordPress Site

Do you want your site to be decent? Ask developers to create it using some themes. Do you want your web presence to be outstanding? Hire an experienced WordPress designer to create a design from scratch. Before you start looking for a right person you should realize what kind of person you need. Web developers […]

WordPress News – 28th of September 2016

#01 WordCamp Kyiv WordCamp – a great event in the world of WordPress – took place on the 24-25th of September. It was the first WordCamp in Ukraine. (Of course there were different seminars and other events connected with WP. WordPress Kitchen was held last year. But the format of “camp” was the first experience for […]

WordPress News: WordCamp in Kiev Preview

Sooooon! A great event in the world of WordPress is drawing near. This coming weekend is WordCamp Kiev! So far, it’s attracted more than 200 participants and the registration isn’t closed yet. Sixteen speakers from a number of companies from different countries will share their experience and thoughts. The conference gathers together some of the […]

Setting Up a Remote Development Team in 5 Steps

The modern world gives us a lot of opportunities including the possibility of outsourcing web development. There is a great amount of information on where we can find advice how to manage remote development team but not on how to set it up. The first step on the way to success is frankly asking yourself: […]

The WordPress Freelancer vs WordPress Agency Debate: Why Teams Matter

Who is the best choice for you: a WordPress freelancer or a WordPress agency? This significant question may arise when you decide to outsource web development tasks. On its face, you might think you would get basically the same service from each since they both offer to make you a website. In fact, the team-based […]