Mobilegeddon Has Arrived!

“Mobilegeddon” – or “mobile apocalypse” if you prefer – arrived today. There are news stories about it all over the internet, TV, print, etc. It is big news. Check out a few stories here: ‘Mobilegeddon’ could be bad news for 40% of top websites USA Today Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ – 5 Fast Facts CNN Google: Mobilegeddon The Economist Note […]

Responsive Web Design: Top Ten Tips for Designers

Responsive web design, or simply RWD, has become tremendously important over the past several years – and that is understandable, given the fact that the number of people who access the Internet via their portable devices (such as smartphones or tablets) has sky-rocketed over the past decade. In a nutshell, Responsive Web Design is a form of web […]

Mobile Ready Website: Why Your Static Website is Obsolete

“Mobile first” is something that you’ll hear more often when it comes to your online marketing efforts, as more people use smartphones and tablets to connec to the internet. There is no question that the usage of mobile devices will increase exponentially in the years to come. Business owners have to take that into consideration […]