WordPress News – June 2016

Data-Based Insights in WordPress Security Sucuri, a leader in CMS platform security, recently released a report discusing patterns in security issues based on 11,000 websites it worked with in the first quarter of 2016. One encouraging finding was that most vulnerabilities occur due to plugins, not WordPress itself. Of all the WordPress websites they looked at, […]

WordPress Embraces HTTPS Encryption, Causing 8 Percent Increase in Other Secure Sites

HTTPS Encryption is the secure form of the Internet protocol HTTP. Currently, HTTP is the more common option for websites, but it can put user data at risk because it lacks a secure connection. Without a secure connection, user content and communications are vulnerable to spying and hacking, web cookies can be stolen, private accounts […]

How To: WordPress Website Back Up

You love your WordPress powered website. Maybe it’s old enough to contain thousands of articles, pages and media files. But what if something goes wrong? If the server which hosts your website crashes tomorrow, can you retrieve your WordPress website without losing anything? This question is important, and to answer yes, you should know about […]

Managed WordPress Hosting: Is It Right For You?

GoDaddy announced yesterday that they are expanding their managed WordPress hosting options. That really got me thinking about this topic. Given our role as a white label WordPress outsourced developer we deal with clients across a broad spectrum of technical know-how. “Can you help me with hosting?” or “What do you guys do for hosting?” are questions […]

WordPress Security Issues: Are You Vulnerable to the WordPress Security Flaw?

WordPress announced a critical cross-site scripting vulnerability in the Internet’s most popular and widely used content management system on November 20, 2014. See the official WordPress release at https://wordpress.org/news/2014/11/wordpress-4-0-1/. WordPress Security Issues: Are you running versions prior to 3.9.3? Jouko Pynnonen with the Finnish IT company Klikki Oy initially discovered the vulnerability which could allow […]