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The #1 WordPress development agency in the world (as far as we know) is looking for you to join its team.

Job description


White Label Agency provides white label WordPress development services to digital agencies across the globe. Our team has produced 1,500+ WordPress builds to date and has grown from a team of 1 developer in 2013 to our current size of 40 developers located in our Poltava, Ukraine operations office.

WLA prides itself on providing flexible capacity to meet the demands of the agencies we choose to partner with. That demand has been steadily increasing and we are hiring and training new personnel to meet the demand. During this growth we want to ensure our reputation for providing consistent quality and timely deliveries is upheld. Our partners demand such a service regardless of what specific developer is assigned to their project(s).

By cultivating the current teams experiences and lessons learned, in combination with applying the latest industry best practices, we feel we can form an evolving set of universal standards and best practices for all current and future developers to follow. In addition, this collective of knowledge will strengthen our reputation as a go to knowledge provider for WordPress agencies and add even further value to the WLA brand.

Our team has done an amazing job rising to the challenge and delivering a quality experience that is unique and highly sought after in the WordPress development market. We are now seeking an outside resource that can pick up the ball and take our product and service offering to the next level. Are you up for the challenge?

Job Description

White Label Agency is looking for an ambitious and flexible Product Manager with deep roots and interest in web technologies. The right individual will be able to immerse themselves within our currently established Production team and identify areas of improvement for our product and the practices/processes used to deliver it to our Partners.

The Product Manager will review all current development standards and implement changes or add new standards to strengthen the quality and value of our product. Those standards will be implemented among the team and continuously reviewed for further improvement. In addition, the Product Manager will be in charge of keeping our product offering relevant and of attractive quality in the fast-changing WordPress industry. This includes monitoring industry trends, assessing impacts of new developments on our current process, prioritizing changes, and obtaining buy-in from both WLA management staff and the technical operations team to implement those changes.

As we continue to grow our team, we are looking to standardize and enforce our best practices across all offices. The Product Manager will be integral in not only identifying and forming industry best practices, but also leading documentation, education and monitoring efforts across the organization to ensure a consistent quality experience for all current and future partners.

As this is a new position, we expect responsibilities will evolve over time. In the future this role could also work directly in the following areas:

  • Leading up our internal Quality Assurance team
  • Take ownership of all systems for the organization and lead up the Systems Administration team
  • Help the Marketing team by creating content or providing technical insights to be shared on our website and through other marketing channels
  • Serve as a resource in partner calls to propose technical solutions that are aligned with the abilities of the current development team


  • Regular reviews and updates to our boilerplate theme(s)
  • Track and document acceptable plug-ins/add-ons
  • Develop and document best practices for:
    • coding standards
    • optimization practices
    • SEO default settings
  • Train development technical leaders on all best practices
  • Monitor that best practices are being followed across the development team to ensure consistent partner experience despite “developer shuffle”
  • Monitor industry trends and identify potential impacts to WLA team and WLA partners
  • Prepare the team for adjustments needed in systems/practices to remain a “knowledge leader” for our partners
  • Work with the Marketing team to explain and promote the technical knowledge to be used in our marketing material

Relevant experience and abilities

  • 5yrs+ working with WordPress frontend and backend
    • Examples of work will be asked for in the interview process
  • Must be proficient in English
  • Extensive experience and active interest in the WordPress CMS (and community)
  • Works well with others and is open to suggestions
  • Flexible (availability)
  • Ability and willingness to travel to our Poltava operations office on a regular basis
  • Organized and documentation-oriented
  • Ability to communicate detailed technical concepts to other staff members in a concise and easily understood manner
  • Experience working in/with internet agencies
  • Enjoy the challenge of solving problems within time and requirements constraints
  • Must demonstrate a strong attention to detail

Technical requirements

  • Extensive experience with front-end languages
  • HTML / CSS (LESS / SASS) / Javascript
  • CSS Frameworks
  • Knowledge of and experience with the full LAMP stack with a particular focus on PHP and MySQL
  • Experience working with APIs
  • A solid foundation in the fundamentals of computer coding and able to quickly learn new languages
  • Experience with or interest in learning React
  • Experience with different hosting set-ups
  • Knowledge of DNS in order to launch websites
  • Experience with different development environments (GIT)
  • Experience with how to optimize websites
  • Load Optimization (Caching, Image compression)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Knowledge of (WordPress) coding standards

Bonus if you have

  • Developer education experience
  • Previous management responsibilities
  • Deep understanding and experience with the WordPress core (Gutenberg, plugin development, etc)

What we offer

  • Flexible work conditions
  • Computer and phone
  • Business trips
  • 24 paid vacation days per year
  • Possibility to get further education and visit relevant conferences
  • Opportunity to be part of a fast growing team
  • Growth opportunity as the position and responsibilities evolve
    Competitive salary

What we offer

Becoming a professional with White Label Agency means delivering great work and being treated like a professional for it.

Competitive salary

We pay competitive salaries to ensure you can have a comfortable life also outside the office.

Legal collaboration

We sign contracts with all team members and pay official compensation for your work.

Friendly team

Our culture is very friendly. We hire people who understand the importance of treating each other with respect, just like you.

Well equipped office

We believe that a modern and well equipped workplace leads to both a more inspiring workday and better results.

Team building events

We like getting together outside of work, too. Having fun with the great team you work with makes perfect sense to us.

Sport and health

A good life comes from good health. We support your gym membership and compensate for sick-leave and vacation.

Family support & child care

If you need to stay home to take care of your family, we have policies to support you.

Relevant courses and conferences

Professional development is important, and sometimes a course or conference can be a great help.

Mentoring program

Our seniors are assigned to help our newer staff grow into their roles, so you can keep learning from our experienced team members.


How does the hiring process work?

Here’s what our process looks like once we get started:


Screening over a call

We start with a quick and friendly phone call so we can learn a little more about you and your fit for the role. At the same time, you can ask questions to us.


First interview

We’ll organise an interview (usually with the HR manager and another team member) to talk more about your skills and experience and how they relate to what we look for.


Practical test

If the interview goes well, some roles might require you to complete a practical task (like a coding test, or a hypothetical scenario) so we can see you in action.


Second Interview

We’ll organise a second interview to discuss your practical test and explore any new questions that might have. You could also be meeting other team members at this stage.



If you’re the best person for the role and we’re happy with everything so far, we will extend an offer to you for joining our team in your new role.


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