WordPress Teacher position

At WLA, we are taking pride at bringing our partners great WordPress solutions thanks to our team’s passion and high motivation.

Job description

White Label Agency is looking for an ambitious and skilled WordPress teacher with great charisma who wants to become part of our friendly team!

We think that you like to help other people, and have great attention to detail. You are used to working independently on a project and like to work with something that really matters and be able to see concrete results. In addition, you like to learn new skills yourself in both technical topics (WordPress in particular) and to find better ways of teaching your knowledge to others.

Your role will be central to the future success of our company, and you will work closely together with management and the technical team. You will have access to the resources you need for making sure that really talented WordPress developers are graduating our internal education program.

What You Will Be Doing

  • Designing and writing training work plans, presentations and other supported documentation
  • Delivering trainings and managing education groups
  • Making daily code reviews
  • Ensuring that all developers follow WLA developers standards
  • Reporting on developers progress
  • Collaborating with technical leaders and team members


  • Understanding of databases/MySQL and arrays
  • Good experience working with WP Hooks, Woocommerce (customize templates), WP Query Filters
  • Work with different Add-ons on WooСommerce
  • WPML, widgets, shortcodes, SVG animation experience
  • Plugins (ACF, Gravity Forms), CPT (Work with Taxonomies)
  • Good understanding of WP template hierarchy
  • Great level of JS, JQuery

Bonus if You Have

  • Experience in IT training
  • Web design skills and working with Sketch/Illustrator
  • Experience of multisite development
  • Experience of using REST API
  • Experience of working with Gulp/Grunt
  • Experience working with management tools
  • Planning skills
  • High level of spoken and written English

What we offer

Becoming a professional with White Label Agency means delivering great work and being treated like a professional for it.

Competitive salary

We pay competitive salaries to ensure you can have a comfortable life also outside the office.

Legal collaboration

We sign contracts with all team members and pay official compensation for your work.

Friendly team

Our culture is very friendly. We hire people who understand the importance of treating each other with respect, just like you.

Well equipped office

We believe that a modern and well equipped workplace leads to both a more inspiring workday and better results.

Team building events

We like getting together outside of work, too. Having fun with the great team you work with makes perfect sense to us.

Sport and health

A good life comes from good health. We support your gym membership and compensate for sick-leave and vacation.

Family support & child care

If you need to stay home to take care of your family, we have policies to support you.

Relevant courses and conferences

Professional development is important, and sometimes a course or conference can be a great help.

Mentoring program

Our seniors are assigned to help our newer staff grow into their roles, so you can keep learning from our experienced team members.


How does the hiring process work?

Here’s what our process looks like once we get started:


Screening over a call

We start with a quick and friendly phone call so we can learn a little more about you and your fit for the role. At the same time, you can ask questions to us.


First interview

We’ll organise an interview (usually with the HR manager and another team member) to talk more about your skills and experience and how they relate to what we look for.


Practical test

If the interview goes well, some roles might require you to complete a practical task (like a coding test, or a hypothetical scenario) so we can see you in action.


Second Interview

We’ll organise a second interview to discuss your practical test and explore any new questions that might have. You could also be meeting other team members at this stage.



If you’re the best person for the role and we’re happy with everything so far, we will extend an offer to you for joining our team in your new role.


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