Why Should Agencies Outsource Website Hosting and Maintenance Services

Why Should Agencies Outsource Website Hosting and Maintenance Services - The White Label Agency

Websites demand constant attention. WordPress core, plugins, and themes all need regular updates to stay secure and function properly. However, with a growing portfolio of websites, it can take time for agencies to keep up with individual client needs. Bugs can crop up unexpectedly, and managing updates across multiple sites can be a resource drain.

Website maintenance seems like an added cost, but it can actually free up your agency’s valuable time and resources. Here at White Label Agency, we specialize in providing web development agencies with these tasks. With over a decade of experience handling WordPress projects for more than 600 digital marketing agencies, we understand the complexities of maintaining successful, bug-free websites. 

By outsourcing these services, your agency can save money, gain peace of mind, and free up time to focus on core competencies like design, development, and client strategy. 

In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of outsourcing website hosting and maintenance services and how it can boost your agency’s profitability.

Outsource Website Maintenance - website hosting and maintenance services

Why Outsource Website Maintenance?

Keeping clients’ websites up-to-date, secure, and running smoothly requires ongoing website hosting and maintenance services. That can be time-consuming, especially if you lack the in-house expertise. Partnering with a professional service provider can be a game-changer for your business.

Access to Specialized Skills and Latest Technologies

Website development and maintenance are complicated fields requiring expertise in coding, design, and search engine optimization. Outsourcing gives you access to a team of experts who can bring fresh ideas and proven solutions to the table. They will stay current on the latest industry trends and technologies, ensuring your clients’ websites will remain competitive.

Website maintenance always includes continuous updates of WordPress core, theme, and plugins, as well as website backups in case the site breaks or is hacked. Maintenance services provide security, malware scanning and removal, uptime monitoring, and more.

Cost Savings

Building an in-house website maintenance team can be expensive, with costs for recruitment, training, salaries, and benefits. Outsourcing eliminates these upfront costs and provides access to a skilled team at a predictable monthly rate. You will also avoid the cost of acquiring specialized tools and software.

Selling website design is often a one-time source of income for agencies. By providing an easy and pre-packed way to offer maintenance services to the end clients, agencies can find an ongoing revenue stream and an additional way to keep in touch with their customers.

Web Performance and SEO - website hosting and maintenance services

Improved Website Performance and SEO

A major factor in a website’s success is page speed, as it can impact SEO ranking and user experience. It is challenging to optimize website speed, user experience, and search engine ranking without technical expertise. Outsourcing maintenance partners can provide regular performance audits, identify areas for improvement, and implement technical SEO best practices to ensure your clients’ websites are discoverable and user-friendly.

Outsourcing website hosting and maintenance services means scanning sites weekly, grading the site’s performance (speed), and suggesting and implementing improvements. It also includes link monitoring to avoid broken or unresponsive links that have poor user experience and are bad for SEO. Link monitoring will check the links in posts and pages daily.

An SEO ranking service keeps track of how the site’s keyword ranking changes the website’s visibility. It will also show the client’s main competitors and more. This service may include keyword ranking and how it changes over time, website visibility, and competitor overview.

24/7 Support and Security Check

Websites operate around the clock, and so should your website maintenance. Website downtime means lost revenue, so uptime monitoring can help avoid costly and lengthy outages. Outsourced providers are always ready to address any issues that may arise by offering 24/7 support. They also offer regular scanning with early detection of threats, errors, and bugs. Security check includes daily malware scan, malware removal, and blacklist checks with Google Safe Browsing, Norton Safe Web, ESET, etc.


WordPress maintenance plans

We offer an easy way for agencies to guarantee ongoing support to their clients with our WordPress maintenance plans.

Why Outsource Website Hosting?

Some  website maintenance providers also include web hosting services. It provides the physical space to store website files. It also offers the necessary connection to the internet, ensuring visitors can access the website from anywhere in the world. 

Hosting service makes your website files accessible to anyone who types in your domain name. Hosting is responsible for the server hardware, security measures, and overall uptime.

Outsourcing maintenance service that includes web hosting provides the flexibility to scale your service up or down as needed. That allows agencies to adapt to changing market conditions or explore niche markets without significant upfront investment. 

Plus, knowing the website is in the hands of experienced professionals allows agencies to focus on their business with peace of mind. Outsourced hosting teams are prepared to handle emergencies and minimize damage if unexpected issues occur.


Website as a service

For a fixed monthly fee, our website as a service plan provides your agency with a complete website solution for your clients.

Simplify Website Management 

For agencies juggling multiple client websites, outsourcing can be the solution. White Label Agency offers over a decade of experience and a dedicated team of 100+ expert  WordPress developers to handle all your website hosting and maintenance services. We take care of everything, from security updates and backups to performance optimization and SEO. Contact us today for more information.