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The big news in the world of WordPress this week was the release of WordPress 3.6. Here is WordPress’ announcement of the release.

For those of you who haven’t heard, WordPress names each new release after a famous jazz musician. This one is named in honor of the great jazz pianist Oscar Peterson.

WordPress also released a new theme called Twenty Thirteen which is fully responsive and takes advantage of the latest bells and whistles in 3.6.

We asked our team of developers to take a look at the new release and the new theme and call out the aspects they find most interesting. Here’s what they came back with:

Notes on WP 3.6

  • better post saving / revision browsing
  • native support for audio / video embeds (html5, not fully supported in all browsers though)
  • integrates with spotify, rdio and sound cloud
  • autosaves are now local and remote, so two editors working on the same post won’t lose their work-maybe?
    • access to id3 tags within audio / video (ID3 tags store info such as name, artist, track #, etc.)
    • over 700 bugs and tickets closed and fixed

Notes on Twenty-Thirteen

  • Looks better with single column
  • Very, very colorful with alternative backgrounds on home page for long page section breaks
  • Looks kind of like G+ and Facebook Timeline
  • Built ‘fully responsive’ but doesn’t work perfectly all the time
  • Menu on left turns to dropdown menu when looked at on narrower devices like iPhones held upright
  • Search icon on right, click it to expand search bar
  • “Colorful posts”  full page width different colored backgrounds
  • Works wonderfully as an image blog — reminds us more of tumblr

We’ve already built one site for a client in 3.6 using Twenty Thirteen and anticipate many more to come!

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