WordPress Design Services

If you want to outsource both web design and development, we also have designers on staff who can create mockups for you.


White Label WordPress Design

Our design process is pretty straight-forward:


We collect your input

Send us the specifications for the site you want us to design. We have a form that you can find below for giving us your design input.

Please note that any use of images needs to be provided by you, either beforehand or by purchasing the license for any stock photos that you want on the site.


Home page design

Our designer creates a mockup for the home page based on your input, as a first attempt to capture what you’re looking for.


Your first review round

You then review the home page mockup and give your feedback on things you want to change.


Adjusting the home page design

We adjust the home page design based on your feedback, and send it back to you for either more feedback or your approval. Steps 3 and 4 are reiterated until you’re happy with the result.


Designing the rest of the pages

Then we proceed with designing the rest of the pages in line with the look and feel that we found while creating the design for the home page.


Your second review round

You then review all pages that we’ve created and give your feedback.


Adjusting all new pages

We adjust all pages based on your feedback, and send new versions back to you for more feedback or approval. Steps 6 and 7 are repeated until you’re happy with the result.


Get a quote

Get a final quote for development

When you and your client are happy with the designs, we provide a fixed-price quote for developing it as a custom WordPress site. See more about the development stage here.


Our design portfolio

Examples of designs we can make for your clients.

Construction company

Template for a construction company

Law firm

Template for a law attorney

Sports school

Template for a sports school

Interested in both design and development?
Contact us to get full-size samples of our designs.


Other services we offer

Most of our agency partners have their own web designers and let us do the development from their PSD files. Development is offered on a pay-per-project basis, or you can hire one of our WordPress specialists as your remote full-time team member.

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