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To build a custom WordPress site, we need custom web design mockups. Here's the process our clients typically follow to create them.


Creating designs for a WordPress website

We used to do design as well as development, but then decided to focus our efforts solely on development. We were able to create great designs, but development was always our core service and most agencies that needed it had their own designers.

To create a great website, the web designer needs to understand the needs of the end customer, and tailor the design to their business, services, industry and local or global market. It’s possible to outsource WordPress design, but most bigger agencies prefer to keep that competence in-house.

What about Premium themes?

One request we often get is whether we can design and build using a premium theme. We understand that there are other companies that do that, and are able to charge very little for such work.

We have chosen not to offer that service, as it’s very dependent on having a developer with design skills setting it up. Additionally, it will likely lead to an inferior result compared to having a specialist creating bespoke designs, and a developer delivering a website looking just like that.

Recommended process for designing for WordPress

Instead, here’s an example of a process that we believe will result in a professional website:


Exploration with the client

Your digital agency has an exploration meeting with your client to understand their needs and how their business is set up.

If your designer is not able to participate, a project manager who is close to the designer can collect the input.


Create the homepage mockups

Your designer creates one or more mockups for the home page as a first attempt to capture what the client is looking for. The first round could also be done with only wireframes and placeholders to iron out the strategy and layout before going into details.

Note: If rebranding is needed, that will come before this step.


First review round by client

Your client reviews the home page mockup(s) to give their feedback.


Adjusting the home page design

You tweak the home page design based on the feedback.

Steps 3 and 4 are reiterated until the client is happy with the result.


Designing the rest of the pages

You design the rest of the pages with the same look and feel as the homepage.

Again, this step could begin with only wireframes to find the right order and page hierarchy for the content.


New review round of all pages

Your client reviews all pages and gives their feedback.


Adjusting all new pages

You adjust the pages based on the feedback from your client.

Steps 6 and 7 are repeated until your client is happy with the total result.

Note: Most agencies prefer to create the final content already before the designs are approved, but it’s common that their clients are not as fast to produce and approve text and images as they are to approve the general web designs.


Get a quote

Get a quote for development

Only after the designs are ready and approved by your client, you ask for a quote from your development partner (or assign your developer to start working on the site).

This is an important point, since starting development with preliminary designs will likely lead to rework and low efficiency in the development stage.

Read more about the development stage here.

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