WordPress Experts Around the Web – August 2016

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This was a quieter month than usual, perhaps because many WordPress experts are off enjoying some well-deserved vacation. That still left us with just slightly less great reading material to pore over than usual. In this post we highlight some of the best pieces of the last month, including news, analysis, and useful information.

#01 WordPress Most Trusted Company for Small Biz

Yet another reason to go all-in on WordPress. According to the SMB Trust Index, the WordPress brand ranks the highest on trust among small businesses. That’s higher than Google, to give some context.

#02 Square is now integrated with WordPress

The big news of the month is that WordPress is (finally) integrated with the widely used payment platform Square. Torque gives the full details on what’s included.

#03 WPWeekly from WPTavern: The Struggle is Real

We’re all trying to be flawless WordPress experts all the time, but the truth is we’re also human. WPTavern’s latest podcast is a refreshing acknowledgment of this, discussing how the participants — some leading members of the WordPress community — approach dealing with issues individually and in organizations.

#04 WordPress Optimization from Cloudtech Hosting

Staying on top of WordPress optimization is key. Here are some of the latest tips (including recommendations for plugins) from people who know what they’re talking about.

#05 Web design mistakes to avoid

Optimal responsive design goes deeper than making content fit on a smaller screen. This article walks through many of the key pitfalls when it comes to designing websites for responsiveness.

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