The WordPress Freelancer vs WordPress Agency Debate: Why Teams Matter

Who is the best choice for you: a WordPress freelancer or a WordPress agency? This significant question may arise when you decide to outsource web development tasks. On its face, you might think you would get basically the same service from each since they both offer to make you a website. In fact, the team-based nature of an agency often provides hidden benefits.

Let’s get a view of all the pros and cons of teamwork and WordPress freelancer. First of all, we’ll look behind the scenes of a WordPress agency. There are different types of agencies specializing in coding, design, and development. We’ll take The White Label Agency as an example. The structure of our team helps to overcome many difficulties that may arise on the creative development of a certain site.

WordPress Agency


#1 Mutual help

It’s one of the key factors in a successful team. Our developers, for example, are organized into teams of six, each with a tech lead that can help advise when problems come up. With the cooperation and friendly environment of these teams, the efficiency of the developers increases.

#2 Communication

Individuals tend to develop better and easier communication with other people (partners) if they are able to work in a team on a long-term basis.

#3 Quality assurance

While a freelancer can check their own work, it’s hard to beat fresh eyes to do the job. As an agency, all of our partners have this benefit. A QA specialist will check if your site is working properly on different browsers and devices.

#4 Time management

As a rule, individuals can procrastinate before they start a relevant task. With a team, there is accountability between team members. We also we have account managers who are to communicate with partners and help in solving different questions in the case they appear, even while developers are developing.


#1 Cost

Generally, the price may be higher if you work with an agency. However, there are different packages where services are multiplied and every customer is able to find the best solution.

#2 Indirect communication

Choosing a WordPress agency for your needs, as a rule, you’ll deal with account managers and not developers. And when you’d like to make some changes in your project in some time or decide to make something similar you won’t necessarily work with one and the same developer. To solve this issue The White Label Agency offers “dedicated developer” who’ll always work on your projects.

#3 Potential drawback

No real teamwork structure. If you are considering an agency, not all agencies have a teamwork structure that encourages collaboration and ongoing learning. Ask about how and if developers work with one another.

WordPress Freelancer


#1 Direct communication

You are the boss. You communicate directly with the freelancer and guide their work. Since freelancers communicate directly with their customers, there is less of a chance for misunderstandings or losing some info in the communication chain than when 4 or 5 people are involved in an agency.

#2 Specialization

Freelancers are often great at what they specialize in, even if it’s only a couple of things. This really works when you need some highly specific service, e.g. logo design, illustration etc.

#3 Cost

The cost of freelancer’s services may often appear to be lower, although this might be because their speciality only covers one or two of the skills you need to complete your project.

#4 Working environment

For some people, it’s easier to concentrate when they are alone and nobody can disturb them. (Maybe they also have to switch off their phones, Skype, social networks etc. and hide from everybody so they get away from distractions!)


#1 One person is responsible for everything

Every stage of a project delivery (from asset collection to final approval) is under the responsibility of the one person. And even if the person is great in coding, they won’t necessarily be punctual or have perfect knowledge in English.

Not everybody is a reliable person. If something goes wrong or deadlines are missed, you don’t have anyone else to turn to in order to fix the situation.

#3 Not a one-stop-shop

Different customers have different tasks and nowadays they would like to have the whole package of services (design, coding, QA, and others). Few WordPress freelancers can typically satisfy all your needs and wishes. People who work alone are not so flexible (in terms of skills and opportunities) as agencies can be.

As you can see, there are pros and cons for WordPress freelancer and WordPress agency. One is not always better than the other, and some of the benefits are hard to see, like the benefits of teamwork. Overall, if you want a project handled from start to finish, the agency is likely to be a better choice, whereas if you are just looking to get specific tasks done, a freelancer might be better. The choiсe is yours.

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