6 WordPress development trends for 2024

The WordPress ecosystem is vast and rapidly changing. For digital agencies, it can be hard to pick out the trends that will shape things to come; yet in the competitive industry of online marketing, this is a must. Over the past year, WordPress has undergone significant enhancements in performance and flexibility and these efforts will come to fruition in 2024.

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What is Inside?

Our developers and designers at White Label Agency present six trends influencing WordPress agencies in 2024.


What’s next in WordPress?

Keeping up with the latest WordPress developments is crucial for digital marketing agencies to address today’s challenges effectively.

  • Concerned about falling behind in AI?
    • Discover the latest AI tools to speed and improve delivery while enhancing website functionality and user engagement.
  • Seeking better performance from WordPress?
    • The transition to a headless WordPress architecture is already well underway, offering faster, more flexible, and secure websites.
  • Want to keep up with the latest in design?
    • The latest enhancements to Gutenberg and block-based themes open new design possibilities for agencies willing to explore.

How can we help your agency grow?

At White Label Agency, we’re here to serve your agency and answer your questions.

How does AI enhance WordPress website development?

Integrating AI into website development enhances user engagement, optimizes content creation, and streamlines development and design. Agencies should prioritize exploring the use AI tools for dynamic content, personalized user experiences, and efficient site management.

Should I still use WordPress for web development in 2024?

Recent developments will see WordPress gain a substantial advantage over other CMS platforms in 2024. Fast adoption of AI, headless architecture, block-based design and improvements in core vitals and security, will expand WordPress’ market dominance and make it a preferred choice for web development in 2024.

Is custom WordPress website development still the way to go in 2024?

Absolutely. Custom WordPress themes continue to offer superior fundamentals for fast core vitals and robust security in 2024. Custom themes also open more flexibility and avenues in design for agencies that want websites that stand out.

How can I keep up with WordPress development best practices?

Partnering with an established WordPress outsourcer can help your agency benefit from the latest developments and stay ahead of industry trends. With 10+ years in the industry and 3,000+ website projects completed each year, we’re constantly at the forefront at White Label Agency.

What should I consider when hiring a WordPress developer in 2024?

When hiring a WordPress developer in 2024, it’s essential to receive up-to-date skills that keep your agency at the forefront of the latest trends. Consider their experience with AI integration, headless architecture, and the newest Gutenberg features. Opting for a dedicated developer from an established outsourcer ensures access to leading skills and innovative project delivery.