Hire a WordPress Developer

Get the flexibility of a WordPress freelancer, and the stability of an agency with the Dedicated Developer Plan.

Add a WordPress Expert to Your Team

On our Dedicated Developer plan, we extend your team with one of our skilled WordPress developers to work with you either on part-time or full-time.

  • Hiring a WordPress developer from an agency is a great way to combine the freedom of a freelancer and the stability of working with an agency.
  • If you're looking for a full-time resource to add to your team, we will provide you with profiles of developers that match your request and the capabilities you need. You can choose the developer you think will be best suited.

Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated WordPress Developer


Agencies who regularly have a high volume of projects may effectively need full-time positions to complete all their projects. Dedicated developers can then be a cheaper option than completing each project on a fixed-price basis.

The developers will always work in our offices under supervision of managers and technology experts, to give the full benefits of the agency model.

Direct Contact

Some partners prefer to have direct control over supervising work on projects, such as if they have highly specific requirements about the process.

It is also preferred if additional tasks beyond front-end WordPress development are needed, such as managing maintenance of websites on an ongoing basis.

Scale Up Scale Down

Hiring a developer from an agency makes it easy to scale up or down when needed. As compared to having you own in-house developer, we can just move the developer back to working on a project-basis with other partners if you don't have enough work.

If you need to hire an additional developer we'll find one for you, train them in your preferences and set up the team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we communicate?

You communicate directly with your developer regarding work tasks. To make the relationship successful, it’s valuable for you as a partner to establish clear and open communication, just as you would with an internally hired employee.
Discussion usually goes via online chat and Skype, and partners are always welcome to visit Ukraine to meet their developers in person.

What skill set do the developers have?

As dedicated developers are typically drawn from the pool of developers working on a project basis, the primary focus and knowledge base of these developers is in front-end WordPress development. If needed, however, we can select developers to meet additional technical needs, such as to perform some maintenance or do some additional coding in PHP.

What is included in the price?

We take full responsibility for ensuring that all staff have both the equipment and the support that they need to be a productive, useful addition to your team - so you can focus your time on working with the developer to get things done.

What time zone are you working in?

We successfully work with many partners in different time zones, from Asia to the US. We're happy to share our experience on how to make it work effectively, and under certain conditions it may also be possible to make additional adjustments to our working hours in order to facilitate cooperation with you as our partner.

Rates for Hiring a WordPress Developer

Please contact us if you are interested in the rates for hiring a part-time developer.







*The rates apply for the hire of a full-time developer for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Start the Conversation

Let's start the conversation and see how we can match your requirements on the skills and capacity that you're looking for in a developer or a team for your WordPress needs.

Looking to Work with Us Project-by-Project?

If so, our Project-Based partnership plan might be just what you need.

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