Photoshop PSD to WordPress theme development

We code custom WordPress websites, based on your PSD files.
Once you have defined the perfect Photoshop design for your clients, let us develop a responsive and easy to use WordPress website that looks exactly like your design files.

What’s included in our PSD to WordPress theme service?

Our mission is to make it easy for agencies to create websites for their clients. Website design in Photoshop already takes a crazy amount of time: let us be your white label partner and code beautiful WordPress websites based on your PSD files.

Photoshop integration experience

We custom code over 3,000 projects per year. Working with PSD briefs are a large part of them.

Quality process before final delivery

Our quality assurance team checks each website thoroughly before you review the result.

Project management

Your account manager works with you on every project to collect your Photoshop specifications,  and oversee the development of your website.

30-day guarantee

We code all websites with close attention to detail. In addition to checking quality on all projects, we also guarantee the result by offering 30 days of free bug-fixing.


Process from PSD to WordPress theme

The process for our PSD to WordPress service allows you to get a fixed-price quote before we start, and to review and get your feedback taken care of before delivery.

Custom-coded WordPress sites

We believe that your clients appreciate the value of a custom design website. Therefore, we build each website to match your Photoshop or Sketch files with a custom coded WordPress theme instead of using premium themes.

Since we use Advanced Custom Fields and Custom Post Types, you and your clients will have complete control of the content from the admin page.

Project management

From day 1, you get the support of an experienced, dedicated account manager. We want you to feel comfortable working with us as if your WordPress project was done internally.

We ensure you have a clear overview of the milestones, deadlines, and final delivery. 

Responsive on all devices

Responsive frameworks like Foundation or Bootstrap make our sites responsive, even when you don’t provide a separate Photoshop file for mobile views.

We also check the sites on various physical devices before we send them to you for review so they will look great for all visitors.

Consistent quality

Our websites are coded to high standards by default, and our developers are trained internally for better consistency in the quality we deliver to our partners. Quality is an ongoing effort, so we record all significant deviations to trace their root causes and prevent future mistakes.

If you have your own preferences for what makes a great website, we are happy to apply your standards as our default on your projects specifically.

Non-disclosure agreement

As a white label partner, non-disclosure is at our core. We don’t reveal who we work with so your projects won’t be seen in our portfolio and we happily sign an NDA at the start of our partnership.


Choose a service

We offer PSD to WordPress development both as standalone projects with no further commitment and through renting out our skilled developers to your agency.


We work with your team on projects that have a clearly defined brief, budget, and timeline.

  • Fixed-price quotes
  • Guaranteed deadlines for first review
  • Projects are managed by WLA
  • Quality assurance included
  • Minimum 8h per project

Dedicated developer

An ideal fit for companies that wish to extend their team with one or more full-time developers.

  • Lower hourly rate
  • Same developer(s) on all your projects
  • Projects are managed by you
  • Developers can work in your systems (or in ours if you prefer)
  • Easy to assign smaller tasks

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