Project-Based Plan for PSD-to-WordPress

WordPress services on-demand - you send us web designs and specifications and we provide you a quote within a business day.

WordPress Experts When You Need Them

Our project-based partnership plan is tailored for agencies that want to leverage on our WordPress expertise and effective process for PSD-to-WordPress conversion, and at the same time keep full control of their costs.

The plan is simple: whenever you have the designs for a project in your pipeline, you reach out to us and we quote the build for you. Everything is included: not only the developer’s time, but also project management, a personal account manager, and quality assurance.

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Benefits of the Project-Based Plan

Full Leverage of Our WordPress Expertise

You can focus on sales to your clients and getting them the designs or SEO packages that you do best, and leave the conversion of PSD-to-WordPress to a trusted partner.

Flexible Capacity

If your workload is variable, you're faced with a difficult trade-off: how to avoid paying for idle resources but always be able to say yes to new business. We're here when you need us.

Ensure Your Project is Profitable

You can ensure that each website project you do is profitable, since you get a fixed price quote on the build before you send the quote to your client.

The White Label PSD-to-WordPress Process

Before we start on your first project, we will introduce you to your dedicated account manager who will work with you to understand your preferences and decide what software tools to use for our collaboration. Then for each project we build for you, the process will be the following:

Your Agency

The White Label Agency

1. Project Handoff

In the first stage, your account manager collects the materials we typically ask be provided for each project: layered Photoshop files, a description of functionality required, and additional instructions described in screenshots.

We also prefer for customers to specify a deadline to optimise our internal time allocation. Our WordPress team then looks at the assets to estimate the required development time, and we prepare a quote for you within one business day.

2. Production

Upon acceptance of the quote, we will start development. In this second stage, the developer produces the project according to the provided materials and your priorities and preferences. Then, he or she goes through two rounds of feedback with an internal quality specialist, which includes testing of the website on several mobile devices and browsers.

The goal of this stage is to minimise the need for partner involvement, both during production and in the final feedback round.

3. Project Delivery

Once the project comes back from internal quality assurance, the account manager communicates with you to arrange a final round of feedback via Usersnap (learn more about how we use this tool).

When feedback is completed, we transfer all the files associated with the website to a location that you specify.

Rates for Project-Based PSD-to-WordPress

As a project-based partner you only pay for the developers’ time, which makes it very time-efficient as compared to having a WordPress freelancer who charges also for time spent on project handoff, quality assurance and feedbacks.

  • All projects are quoted before we get started on building them, so you will know what the price is upfront.

  • We quote at $35/h based on the number of hours estimated for the developer to complete the project.

  • We have all staff centrally located in our offices with management and tech support to make sure that you’re getting value from every hour spent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time for a custom build?

We prepare quotes within one business day, and can get started on building your project within 1-5 business days from the time you say “go!”. The development time depends on the size of the project, but a typical project takes around 3-4 days to code, while a large e-commerce site typically ranges from 6-14 business days.

How do we communicate?

As a project-based partner, you will primarily communicate with your personal account manager. The AM will learn your preferences, collect your specifications for new projects, prepare you quotes and make sure your projects get delivered on time. If you want to, you may also communicate directly with the developer that works on your project, e.g. via a Trello board or Skype chat.

As a partner with a dedicated developer, you will have all the day-to-day communication directly with your developer. You will also have an account manager that you can contact for matters regarding your partnership plan, payment, feedback on the developer’s work and requests for adding more developers to your team.

Do you provide WordPress design services as well?

While many of the WordPress partners we work for are full-blown development shops with their own in-house graphic designers, we also have partners who don’t have in-house design resources. Many digital marketing agencies have made the decision to focus on their core competencies of SEO, PPC, social media and/or content while using WordPress outsourcing partners to design and build websites. We have an in-house graphic designer with responsive web design skills which allows us to sell WordPress design services to those clients who don’t have access to design talent.

We typically quote $280 for most WordPress design projects. This is not a fixed price – it is a minimum price. If design ends up taking over 8 hours because of additional feedback rounds, we bill $35/hour.

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