Wix to WordPress Migration

Looking to migrate your clients’ sites from Wix to WordPress? Look no further; we handle the migration process to bring your agency the flexibility and performance of WordPress.

Why migrate from Wix to WordPress

While Wix can appear a good option to start building a site, WordPress is a far more powerful platform. Take your clients’ sites to the next level with a fast, custom WordPress theme.

Design & Development

There’s no limitation on what WordPress can do. We custom design and develop around your requirements. Our team of experienced developers has the expertise to deliver what your clients need.


We build 3,000 WordPress projects each year. Working with us gives your clients a reliable solution, with our well-established internal processes, zero-bug guarantee, and optional maintenance.


Free your sites from the limitations of Wix’s servers. WordPress gives your sites the best performance and speed. We offer fast hosting, maintenance plans, and optimizations for the core vitals.


Don’t let Wix’s restrictive ecosystem limit your sites’ potential. WordPress offers unparalleled flexibility and customization, ensuring your sites are ready for the future.


Our migration Process from Wix to WordPress

Let us handle each step of your migration from Wix to WordPress. We have built a streamlined and reliable migration process over the years. You get the insurance of perfect delivery to your clients, on time with no surprises.

Step 1. Send us the URLs

To get a quote, send us the URL to the Wix website you want to migrate to WordPress, click on the link below.

Step 2. Get a Quote

We review your website and send you a quote for migrating it from Wix to WordPress. If necessary, an account manager will contact you to review the project timeline, codes, and elements, ensuring everything is clear.

Step 3. Migration

Our team performs the migration from Wix to WordPress.
We follow strict quality guidelines in WordPress development, ensuring you get a fast and responsive website.

Step 4. Q&A

Once the migration is done, our Q&A team makes sure everything has been perfectly coded according to the brief. Every element of your website is reviewed before final delivery.

Step 5. Delivery of WordPress Site

When we’ve gone through your feedback and you’re happy with the result, we transfer the files to you or migrate them to replace the existing site.


Our White Label Partner Commitment

We are proud to be trusted by hundreds of digital agencies each year. There’s a reason why we call ourselves “The White Label Agency”: setting up our WordPress expertise at your disposal is simply in our DNA!

Smooth Communication

We make sure your WordPress projects keep on track with smooth communication from the start of the project.


Our partnerships are confidential. As your white label partner, our products are ready to deliver to your final client, without mention or appearance of us.

Quality and Standards

Every WordPress build we deliver strictly follows the development and coding standards. We make sure you get high-quality and fast websites.

Partner Experience

All agencies are different. We learn your preferences and standards, ensuring they are met in each project. That way you can proudly put your label on all the sites we build for you.

WordPress Expertise

Fast and secure WordPress websites require experience. With more than 3,000 WordPress projects and 100+ developers, you can rely on us.

Support and Flexibility

Every project and client is different, so we offer support and flexibility during and after each project. We also offer white-label maintenance services for full ongoing support.


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