Sketch to WordPress Conversion Service

You send us your designs as Sketch files, and we code them into beautiful custom WordPress themes. Always lean, responsive and easy to use for your clients.

Capacity should not be your problem.

Working with a development partner allows you to say yes to more website projects, with fewer people on your payroll.

Send us your Sketch design files, and we code them as custom WordPress themes for you.

We handle your Sketch to WordPress development

There are three common reasons why agencies work with us as their white label development partner. What are your goals?

White label development is an easy way to get more developers when your agency needs it. We can scale with your success.

Quality code is something that your customers expect, but it’s not what separates your agency from others. Invest your time in strategy, design and content - let us handle the coding.

A good process is vital to keeping projects on track, especially if you’re dealing with high volumes of it.

What’s included in our Sketch to WordPress service?

We make it easy for agencies to create websites for their clients, and that requires more than just skilled developers.


Weekly meetings, personal account manager, your coding preferences on file, and more.

Quality assurance

Our quality assurance team checks each site thoroughly before you review the result.

Project management

Your account manager works with you on every project to collect specifications, provide quotes and oversee the development in our office.

90-day guarantee

We code all sites with close attention to detail. In addition to checking quality on all projects, we also guarantee the result by offering 90 days of free bug-fixing.

Custom-coded WordPress sites

Your clients appreciate the value of a custom design website. Therefore, we build each website to match your Sketch files with a custom coded WordPress theme.

Since we use Advanced Custom Fields and Custom Post Types, you and your clients will have complete control of the content from the admin page.

Woman in front of computer

High-volume operations

Our idea is to build websites for agencies that need capacity for development. Typically that means at least 10 websites per year, but could be up to over 100 per year.

This focus has allowed us to meet the high expectations set by professional agencies on both effectiveness and close collaboration.

Responsive on all devices

Responsive frameworks like Foundation or Bootstrap make our sites responsive, even when you don’t provide a separate Sketch design for mobile views.

We also check the sites on various physical devices before we send them to you for review so they will look great for all visitors.

Consistent quality

Our websites are coded to high standards by default, and our developers are trained internally for better consistency in the quality we deliver to our partners. We record all significant deviations to trace their root causes and prevent future mistakes.

We can also apply your standards as our default on your projects specifically, so we work as a seamless extension to your internal team.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

As a white label partner, non-disclosure is at our core. We don’t reveal who we work with so your projects won’t be seen in our portfolio and we happily sign an NDA at the start of our partnership.


Typical sites that we build

We take care of the many small to medium size projects that agencies sell.

We’re not trying to be your partner for advanced websites with API integrations and membership functionality. We believe that agencies will have better success with an internal or local team of experts for those projects.

Brochure website

Small 3-10 page website for a lawyer, restaurant, clinique and similar that need basic functionality such as forms, sliders and maps.

Business website

Medium-size website with 5-20 page templates, featuring animations, a more sophisticated database of products and services, etc.

eCommerce website

WooCommerce websites that either use the default Woo functionality, or a slightly extended or modified setup with additional plugins or simple customization.

Process from Sketch to a WordPress theme

The process for our Sketch to WordPress service allows you to get a fixed-price quote before we start, and to review and get your feedback taken care of before delivery.

1 Specifications

We collect your specifications

A Sketch to WordPress project starts with the collection of your specifications, ideally:

a) Sketch files (or PSD, Adobe XD or similar)
b) Detailed instructions for functionality and UI/UX elements
c) Preferred timeline

2 Get a quote

We quote your project

Based on the designs and instructions, we provide you a fixed-price quote for development. Upon acceptance, we schedule the project with the next available developer that has the right qualifications.

3 Develop site

We code your theme

The site is coded according to your instructions and general preferences that we might have picked up during our previous collaboration with you. After two rounds of internal quality control, we send you a link to review the site on our server.

4 Delivery of WordPress site

We deliver your site

You get a chance to provide as much feedback as you need to get the project ready for delivery. Upon acceptance of the result, we transfer the files and database to a location that you specify.

Ordering Custom Sketch to WP Sites

Read our tricks & examples to make outsourced WordPress development a piece of cake for digital agencies.

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Choose a service

We offer Sketch to WordPress development both as standalone projects with no commitment, and through renting out our skilled developers to your agency part-time or full-time.


We quote each project based on your designs, and that’s all you pay for. This is a good option to start our collaboration, and a long-term option if you want full control of your costs.

  • Fixed-price quotes
  • Guaranteed deadlines for first review
  • Projects are managed by WLA
  • Quality assurance included
  • 90-day bug fixing guarantee
  • Minimum 8h per project

An ideal fit for companies with ongoing needs for custom WordPress development. We assign you a WordPress developer to custom code your projects while you can focus on your design, marketing and sales efforts.

  • Lower hourly rate
  • Same developer(s) on all your projects
  • Projects are managed by you
  • Developers can work in your systems
  • Easy to assign smaller tasks

Onboarding process for new partners

Here’s what will happen after you reach out to us:


We have a call

We prefer to get on a call early to get to know your agency and make sure we fully understand your needs before we start a first project together.


First project

The first project is our chance to start the learning curve and capture any preferences or assumptions that either of us brought to the collaboration that weren’t already accounted for.


Next two projects

After a thorough review of our first project, we make any necessary adjustments to how we build your sites and then continue with a couple of new ones.


Establishing a partnership

It usually takes three projects before we consider a partnership to be established, and that’s just the start of it. We invest much time in each partnership to make sure it becomes as steady and reliable for you as possible.

Learn more from our sales managers

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