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How to Respond to Your Client’s Concerns About Page Speed

After months of exploration, design, and development you’re finally ready to go live with your client’s new website. Voila! “It looks great, but I checked it on Google PageSpeed and I have only 62 on mobile. Can you get it up to 100?” Oh boy. What’s a good answer here? To implement changes at this Read More »

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Attending WordCamp Boston 2019 – As Visitor and Sponsor

This past weekend was a steamy one in Boston with temperatures almost hitting 100 degrees and humidity ratings around 80%. The hot temperatures didn’t stop WordCamp Boston, hosted at Boston University, from having a great turn out of WordPress fans eager to learn the latest trends around their favorite CMS and participate in the WordPress Read More »


What is the Optimal Level of Experience for My WordPress Developer?

When choosing a developer to work on your beautiful sites, picking a Senior developer can seem like it would always be the best choice. Why settle for less? It’s like buying a Bentley – it is fast, looks good, and is at the top of its game. Sometimes though, you won’t need a car that Read More »

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ACF Flexible Content or Page Builder

Custom WordPress themes can be built in different ways. Most professional developers prefer to use Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to allow all the content to be updated from the admin page. But it’s also possible to allow changes to the layout of a page using ACF Flexible Content, page builders like WP Bakery, Elementor, Beaver Read More »

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4 Types of WordPress Development Companies

The best WordPress development company you can find is not the most skilled or the cheapest. Instead, it’s the one that has the right profile for your needs. There are hundreds of companies offering WordPress development services, so trying to compare them is a challenging task. This article will help you break it down. By Read More »

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Recommended Screen Resolution for Web Design

Website visitors use a wide range of screens and devices, but designers cannot possibly prepare mockups for every use case. You need to choose what screen resolutions to use for web design files. But what is the best screen resolution for web design? Is there even one? We work with many digital agencies as their Read More »

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Should You Use Sketch or Photoshop for Web Design?

Many agencies wonder if Sketch or Photoshop should be their primary web design tool. Photoshop has been the industry standard, but Sketch and other UI/UX tools are challenging the old dinosaur. As a Sketch to WordPress and PSD to WordPress development company, we get to experience the stand-off from a front-row seat. Photoshop is at Read More »

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Can You Trust Your Outsourcing Company? Look For These 18 Signs

Working with an outsourcing company can feel like trusting strangers with the keys to your own success, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you want to work effectively with a remote team, trust should be the first thing you establish. But how do you know if you can trust your provider? This Read More »

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Estimating Time for a Custom WordPress Project

A custom WordPress website takes a lot of time and skill to be developed. Some WordPress projects could take more than 200 hours to complete and more often than not you won’t be able to predict it by going with an educated guess. Failing to estimate time of building a WordPress website accurately, puts the Read More »

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5 Tips for Effective Collaboration with Remote Developers

Working with remote developers is not easy. Especially if you are used to having all of your staff in the same office, where you can pinch anyone for a quick meeting, do a brainstorm session or just chat about the latest Game of Thrones episode by the water cooler. With remote developers sometimes being from Read More »

Outsourcing Practices

WordPress Plugins: Covering All the Bases of Your Website

WordPress plugins are intended to make our life easier. And WordPress has them in abundance! Think of any issue that may occur with your WordPress site and there are dozens of plugins that are ready to solve it. Having such an embarrassment of riches comes with a logical question — which plugin is the most Read More »

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WordPress Website Quality Assurance: The Art of Never Missing a Thing

We deliver new websites to clients pretty much every day, with PSD to WordPress being by far our most popular service. Making sure that they work correctly is paramount to the perceived quality of the delivery, and therefore we have developed a methodology for how to run website quality assurance before we show them to Read More »

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