Use ClickUp as a Support Ticketing System

Why create a support ticketing system?  If you work at a marketing agency, chances are your inbox is filled to the brim day in and day out. Webinar invites, meeting requests, design files to review. Getting to “inbox zero” seems more far-fetched than discovering a purple unicorn on your lunch break.  Buried amongst all those […]

WordPress Update: Security and Maintenance Release

News – WordPress 5.8.1 Security and Maintenance Release On the 9th of September, WordPress sent out a security and maintenance release. WordPress administrators were warned that security flaws had been found. The security threats, if left unfixed, could lead a website susceptible to attack by hackers.   The three specific issues addressed in the security and […]

Best WordPress Plugin for X: Finding safe and compatible plugins

What is the best WordPress plugin for your project? With over 50,000 plugins available on the WordPress plugins repository, it is no surprise that a seemingly simple task can become overwhelming in a hurry.   Plugins are such a popular feature of the WordPress CMS as they let you take advantage of other coders’ efforts versus […]