Custom WordPress Theme Development – Start with a Boilerplate

Digital Agencies can use boilerplates to speed up custom WordPress theme development The term boilerplate is WordPress lingo used for the starting components when a new Custom WordPress theme is set up. It provides a starting block for custom WordPress theme development that can greatly increase an agency’s efficiency. In this article, we will review […]

ADA Compliance – What is it and how can WordPress agencies attain it?

If you’ve been in the web development space for the past five years it is a rather safe assumption that you have heard about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  You’re probably also aware that it is a really important aspect to work into the design and development process for any website to meet compliance. […]

The Most Important Skills to Teach a Junior WordPress Developer

Junior WordPress developers can do pretty cool things. It’s common for agencies to come to us asking for a senior developer, only to learn that a junior WordPress developer would be enough for what they need. However, for anyone who is new at something, there’s always a risk of making mistakes. So what are the […]

Advice for Digital Agencies During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By now, you’ve already learned the most important lessons being spread across the Internet on how to handle the COVID-19 crisis as a digital agency; the basics of remote work, what industries are doing well during an epidemic, and how much cheaper it is to advertise right now. These articles on how to market during […]

How to Quote a Website Project – Design & Development

When you quote a website project, how much thought do you put into it? Are you using a method, or just painfully guessing what will bring you a good profit? No matter your method, make sure you think it through because it has a big impact on your agency’s profitability. I get many calls from […]

How to Plan a Website Structure for SEO – A Beginner’s Guide

Before you embark on the exciting phase of designing a new website for yourself or your client, it’s important to plan the website structure for it. Here are the reasons why you want to do that before you proceed developing anything else: More website traffic. Over 50% of all website traffic comes from search according […]

Pixel Perfect Web Development: 5 Essential Steps

Pixel perfect web development means “coding a website to match the web designs pixel by pixel”. In reality, this is achievable only for a fixed set of screen resolutions, so the general meaning of the term is “web development that follows the web designer’s intent perfectly”. “Pixel perfect” has been widely criticized as a concept […]

The Difference Between Custom WordPress Themes and WordPress Theme Customization

The terms “custom WordPress theme” and “WordPress theme customization” are semantically similar. But to us who work with custom WordPress development on a daily basis, they are very different. We’ve noticed that even some established web agencies and WordPress development companies cannot separate the two, so let’s get the terms straight. A clear taxonomy is […]

How WordPress Developer Rates Affect Your Agency’s Bottom Line

As the CEO of what might look like a normal digital agency at first glance, I get tons of emails from outsourcing companies that want to offer their development services to us. Two things that usually come up as key benefits are low WordPress developer rates and a wide range of technologies offered besides WordPress. […]