How To: WordPress Website Back Up

You love your WordPress powered website. Maybe it’s old enough to contain thousands of articles, pages and media files. But what if something goes wrong? If the server which hosts your website crashes tomorrow, can you retrieve your WordPress website without losing anything? This question is important, and to answer yes, you should know about Read More »

Tips for Increasing Conversion Rates at Your WordPress Site

Optimising conversion rates is the number one priority for most digital marketers. Attracting and ‘hooking’ a future loyal follower can be an art form – one that baffles the best of us. Fortunately, there are a vast amount of tools to help you achieve your goals with your WordPress site. Here are some you can Read More »

Managed WordPress Hosting: Is It Right For You?

GoDaddy announced yesterday that they are expanding their managed WordPress hosting options. That really got me thinking about this topic. Given our role as a white label WordPress outsourced developer we deal with clients across a broad spectrum of technical know-how. “Can you help me with hosting?” or “What do you guys do for hosting?” are questions Read More »

Git for WordPress Developers

Is Git for WordPress developers the new normal or still a nice-to-have? As usual today we were trolling around the web looking for new and interesting articles, posts, comments, etc. about WordPress. We came across an article on WP Tavern about a new “crash course” in using Git for WordPress developers. Learn more here. The post Read More »

What Design Elements Drive WordPress Development Costs?

There are many factors which drive WordPress development costs. Some of them are obvious; some not so much. This post talks about design-driven impacts on WordPress website costs. WordPress Development Costs and Plugins Installing certain plugins like Woocommerce, BuddyPress, etc. require additional templates which need to be styled. More templates = more hours = higher Read More »

Responsive Web Design: Top Ten Tips for Designers

Responsive web design, or simply RWD, has become tremendously important over the past several years – and that is understandable, given the fact that the number of people who access the Internet via their portable devices (such as smartphones or tablets) has sky-rocketed over the past decade. In a nutshell, Responsive Web Design is a form of web Read More »

WordPress Migration: Top Reasons to Switch to WordPress

If you have run a website for any length of time you have probably heard about WordPress more than a couple of times. You may have even considered a WordPress migration before. It’s been hard to avoid this online giant as it has made its incredible journey to become the largest online content management system Read More »

WordPress Parallax: Top Reasons to Outsource Development

Looking back on 2014, we would have to say that requests for parallax scrolling effects were in strong demand during the year. Many web designers have embraced the idea of the long form homepage with backgrounds behind “rows” alternating between solid colors and parallax animation effects. Both Bootstrap and Foundation (the frameworks we prefer to use) Read More »

Mobile Ready Website: Why Your Static Website is Obsolete

“Mobile first” is something that you’ll hear more often when it comes to your online marketing efforts, as more people use smartphones and tablets to connec to the internet. There is no question that the usage of mobile devices will increase exponentially in the years to come. Business owners have to take that into consideration Read More »

Mobile Ready Ecommerce Websites: What Are You Waiting For?

Is there any doubt left in your mind that mobile ready e-commerce websites are a necessity for retailers in the 21st Century? Well if there was, the early data released from Cyber Monday should erase it all. Mobile Ready Ecommerce Websites coming on strong First of all, Cyber Monday online sales were up year over Read More »

WordPress Security Issues: Are You Vulnerable to the WordPress Security Flaw?

WordPress announced a critical cross-site scripting vulnerability in the Internet’s most popular and widely used content management system on November 20, 2014. See the official WordPress release at WordPress Security Issues: Are you running versions prior to 3.9.3? Jouko Pynnonen with the Finnish IT company Klikki Oy initially discovered the vulnerability which could allow Read More »