WordPress Security Issues: Are You Vulnerable to the WordPress Security Flaw?

WordPress announced a critical cross-site scripting vulnerability in the Internet’s most popular and widely used content management system on November 20, 2014. See the official WordPress release at https://wordpress.org/news/2014/11/wordpress-4-0-1/. WordPress Security Issues: Are you running versions prior to 3.9.3? Jouko Pynnonen with the Finnish IT company Klikki Oy initially discovered the vulnerability which could allow […]

WordPress Custom Post Types: Definition and Usage

We build a lot of WordPress sites. It’s all we do. Most times we are working on someone else’s design. Many graphic designers are getting into website design for the first time. They are unfamiliar with WordPress custom post types. Using WordPress custom post types is an important tool for any website design. What are […]

Responsive Design Templates

If you’re just getting started designing custom WordPress websites, you probably are wondering about responsive design templates to use in Photoshop. There are many responsive design templates out there if you do a Google search including free ones from a variety of sources. Here are a few things to consider as you ponder your selection. […]

Custom WordPress Development with User-Friendly Dashboards

Does “custom WordPress development” mean my client can’t update their own site? Agency clients of ours who work with premium WordPress themes are frequently faced with skepticism from their WordPress-savvy customers when they try to sell “custom WordPress development” instead of a new site based on a premium WordPress theme. The fear is that “custom WordPress […]

Top 10 Reasons WordPress is the Best Platform for Your Website

WordPress is the best platform for your website. Do you want to know why we are 100% confident in making that statement? Here are the 10 best reasons we could come up with in no particular order. 1) WordPress saves money WordPress saves you money in a variety of ways. First of all, the base […]

What’s the Difference Between Bootstrap and Foundation?

We frequently get asked by graphic designers and other new clients, “What’s the difference between Foundation and Bootstrap?” In this blog post, we try to answer that question. Bootstrap vs Foundation: The Primary Difference We have heard it said that Developers should use Bootstrap and “Front Enders” (UI/UX specialists) should use Foundation. This is because […]

White Label Outsourcing versus Hiring In-House Resources

One step in determining if white label outsourcing is right for your business is to compare the cost of an outsourced resource to hiring an in-house resource. Simply comparing the salary of an in-house resource with the hourly rate for a white label outsourcing resource is not an apples to apples comparison. You must calculate […]