Website as
a Service

We offer marketing agencies an easy way to deliver websites.
For a fixed monthly fee, our Website as a Service (WaaS) plan provides you with a complete website solution, including design, development, updates and maintenance.

All-included website solution

We want to offer you a service that will make the life of your agency easier. By subscribing to our Website as a Service plan, you make sure to keep your clients happy and master your costs. Your end-clients get a website that is always updated, and secure, with a fresh design.

All included website solution - Website as a service

Why a Website as Service plan?

If your clients are happy, your marketing agency will thrive.
If production is easy and costs mastered, your agency will be profitable. We’ve got you covered with our Website a Service plans.


A complete solution for agencies that do not have internal teams of designers and developers, or want to outsource regular websites.


The experience and support of WLA team, 100 experienced WordPress developers and a full design team available to help.


One central point of contact with WLA, managing all the steps of the project with tested established processes.


Great reliability through WP-Engine hosting, including maintenance and website updates.


What’s included?

A complete website solution for your end-clients.


The design of your client’s website.
Our design team provides you with 5-15 templates.
Your agency owns the final design.


The development of a professional and fast website for your client, backed by the combined experience of our 100 developers.

Content Migration

If your client already has existing content, content migration to the new website.

Reliable Hosting

The hosting of your client’s website on WP-Engine platforms.


The continuous maintenance of your client’s website over time.

Problem Solving

The support and help of our team for problem solving. We can fix theme bugs and common WordPress issues.

Content Updates

The addition, removal and replacement of any content you’d like, such as staff information, phone number and more.

Website Refresh

Regular refreshes of website design and development, within the same functionality and size.


A worry-free approach for your agency: we cover everything and make sure you can scale or stop anytime.


Any questions
about our WaaS plans?

Get in touch with us for more information, we will be happy to help.

Which materials are required to start?

To activate your Website as a Service plan, we just need your initial brief and approval. Any materials from your clients are also welcome (pictures, content,…).

How do I subscribe to this service?

It’s simple. Simply get in touch with us and your dedicated account manager will send you a link to activate your subscription.

Do I have to commit for a period of time?

Our Website as a Service plans are commitment-free. We want you to be happy with our service, so we’ve set up a monthly plan that is automatically renewed until you want to stop.

How fast can the website be delivered?

Depending on the approval process and validation of the design, your website can be ready in 3-4 weeks.

Included in our plans - Website as a service

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