Joomla to WordPress Migration

Have your clients’ websites outgrown Joomla? Give them extra power by switching from Joomla to WordPress. Let us handle the migration and watch their websites thrive.

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The advantages of WordPress

Many digital agencies migrate their client websites from Joomla to WordPress for enhanced functionalities. This is why it makes sense to export Joomla to WordPress:

Effortless management-svg

Effortless management

Convert Joomla to WordPress for easier management. No coding is required for basic updates, allowing for smooth maintenance.

SEO friendly-svg

SEO friendly

Built-in features and a vast plugin library help websites rank higher in search results, driving more organic traffic.

Security focus-svg

Security focus

With regular updates and a large, active community, WordPress ensures a secure platform for your clients’ websites.

Unmatched flexibility-svg

Unmatched flexibility

Migrate from Joomla to WordPress and enjoy endless customization options. Create websites that perfectly match your needs.

Content freedom-svg

Content freedom

A user-friendly interface empowers clients with no technical expertise to easily create, edit, and manage their website content.

Growth potential-svg

Growth potential

WordPress adapts and grows alongside your clients’ business. Joomla to WordPress migration makes future expansion possible.


Why choose Joomla to WordPress migration service

Here are four reasons why Joomla to WordPress migration service could be a good choice for your agency:

Streamlined workflow

Free up your development team’s time with our migration process. We handle the technicalities, allowing your team to focus on core services.

Enhanced expertise

Leverage our WordPress specialists for seamless migrations and ongoing support. We ensure a smooth transition & address any technical challenges that may arise.

Scalable solution

Our migration services adapt to your agency’s needs. We handle single websites or large client portfolios efficiently, allowing you to scale your offerings.

Increased client value

Offer your clients a future-proof platform with superior SEO, functionalities, and security. A migrated WordPress website positions them for long-term success.


Joomla to WordPress

Eliminate client growth challenges. Adapt to increasing client demands and leverage  WordPress functionalities by migrating from Joomla.

How we streamline your client’s WordPress migration

Free up your team and empower your clients with a seamless transition. This is how White Label Agency ensures a smooth and efficient Joomla to WordPress migration process for your clients:

Step 1. Planning

We collaborate with you to understand your clients’ needs and the specific Joomla website details. Our team analyzes the website structure, content, and functionality to develop a customized migration plan.

Step 2. Secure Data Transfer

We utilize secure and reliable methods to migrate all your client’s website data, including content, images, media files, and applicable user accounts. This ensures a complete and secure transfer to the new WordPress platform.

Step 3: Content Optimization & Restructuring 

If needed, our WordPress specialists can optimize and restructure content on the new platform for optimal performance and user experience. This may involve adjusting layouts, improving SEO elements, and ensuring smooth functionality.

Step 4: Quality Assurance

Our team rigorously tests the migrated website to ensure all elements function correctly, from forms and menus to visual formatting and responsiveness. We pay close attention to any potential inconsistencies and address them before launch.

The migration process - Shopify to WordPress

Joomla to WordPress

Unlock the power of WordPress for your clients. Start today & send over the specifics of your WordPress migration project.

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