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Three years ago, Einar gave me a lift to work and we had lunch. He was working on a few different projects and asked me if I needed a website for something. He had just hired a full-time developer in Ukraine and needed to fill his workdays. We all know now that he was onto something big.

Three years later, Einar has given me the opportunity to join The White Label Agency and I didn’t hesitate to take it. I couldn’t be more excited to become part of this team of already over 50 employees, especially since I have already met many of them during my two visits to the offices in Ukraine and two visits to the office in Williamstown, US.

TWLA is growing fast. Customers love our services because we understand them and provide exactly what they need – great quality custom WordPress sites at competitive prices. When I join full-time in February, I will be working with coordinating how we get new customers excited about us (sales) and how we let our existing customers know how much we care about them (customer relations). The foundations for this work are all the hours spent and all the brilliant ideas sparked within the walls of the TWLA offices. My units will make sure that our future and existing customers are aware of the great work we all do.

So who am I? (Daniel Corin Stig) I grew up in a small town in Sweden, have been racing motorcycles with my dad as my main hobby and I am soon to finish my PhD in Product Development Management from Chalmers University of Technology here in Sweden. In 2014, I spent six months in New York where I suddenly found myself in the middle of their Ukrainian diaspora. Today I have around 50 Ukrainian friends and 15 American friends in New York, who would have thought? From having known little about Ukraine, I am now very passionate about the country, especially after my two visits, and thrilled to have become friends with so many talented and ambitious Ukrainians.

I now look forward to spending time in both the US and in Ukraine to bring efficient WordPress development to many more delighted customers. Thanks for having me onboard.

By Daniel Corin Stig

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