Tips for Increasing Conversion Rates at Your WordPress Site

Optimising conversion rates is the number one priority for most digital marketers. Attracting and ‘hooking’ a future loyal follower can be an art form – one that baffles the best of us. Fortunately, there are a vast amount of tools to help you achieve your goals with your WordPress site. Here are some you can use:

  • Excellent copywriting

Internet is a verbal medium. It’s all about the writing that matters. In ecommerce business the more effective your copy is, the more you will be able to drive your sells. The product descriptions should be easy to understand, the call to action must be intriguing and emphasise more on how the product benefits the user and less on the specifications and features to achieve the desired website conversion rate.

  • Master Conversion-Boosting Popup Plugins

Opt-in popups are a proven way to convert visitors into loyal followers. Opt-ins enable visitors to enter contact information for subscribing to a newsletter or requesting more details about a particular subject.

  • Use Image Effectively

When selling a physical product it is necessary to have an images that shows a product clearly. While a clear and precise image does not increase your ecommerce website’s conversion rate, it affects the buying decision. With effective copy and a clear image enable the user to focus on product features. Highlighting the specification and unique features is the USP of a brand and aids in increasing sales.

  • Capture the “Almost Conversion”

How often have you abandoned a shopping cart after getting frustrated with a long and complicated checkout process or because the website doesn’t appear secure and trustworthy? As conversion rate optimisers for ecommerce websites, we Hire WordPress Developers get rid of design flaws that lead to cart abandonment and include a “live chat feature” to reduce the friction on your ecommerce website.

  • Use Split Testing Tools for WordPress

By creating variations of your content, and split or A/B testing them against each other, you can increase the percentage of your visitors who complete a desired action. These content variations could be as small as changing the link text at the end of a post, right through to comparing two different theme designs against each other.

So whether you want to make more money from your website, or just generate more discussion and interaction around your content, it’s vital that you spend some time testing and optimising your content to find out what works and what doesn’t. Thankfully there are a number of plugins that give you the tools to do just that, all from within your WordPress admin interface.

  • Email Marketing

It remains a very efficient method to get customers back on your website purchasing stuff. You’ve received a person’s email ID because they’ve probably made purchases on your website before, they have a far greater propensity to buy on your website.

Email conversion rates are definitely better than social & search. Use email marketing to increase your sales volumes & boost sales conversion. One of the best ways to grow your email list is with plugins. Some people may not love them, but opt-ins are a proven way to increase subscribers.

  • Call To Action Buttons

A simple well placed call to action button can send your conversion rates through the roof! Check out this case of Nature Air where in a CTA increased conversion by a whopping 591%. And guess what? If you’re using Total (or any of the other themes on the web that comes with the Visual Composer drag & drop page builder) there is a call to action model built-in. Strategically add it into your home and product pages to get readers’ attention.

  • Returning Visitors

Returning visitors are a lot easier to convert than first time visitors, in fact six times easier. Your return visitors and first time visitors are significantly different, so treat them differently. Try personalising the experience of return visitors, again coupon codes do wonders so perhaps you could customise your WooCommerce Customer Invoice to include a special discount for their return purchase.


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