Why Graphic Designers Should Sell WordPress Websites

If you’re a graphic designer who does work for small, primarily local businesses like restaurants, law firms, medical offices, landscapers, etc., you should be offering WordPress websites to your clients.

Why specifically WordPress Websites?

First and foremost, WordPress websites have a ton of advantages for your clients versus other platforms. We believe the top three reasons WordPress websites are better for your client than other types of websites are as follows:

01) WordPress websites are easy for your clients to maintain themselves. They don’t have to pay a developer to add or edit content.

02) Because your clients won’t have to pay a developer, they are more likely to keep the content fresh and up-to-date on their WordPress websites.

03) Websites that have fresh content climb the search engine results rankings on Google and other search engines. Because your clients are more likely to update WordPress websites than other types of sites, they will have better search engine performance which should lead to more business for them.

That’s a pretty strong selling point, huh? WordPress websites enable your clients to grow their business. Isn’t that what you want to do for them? It will certainly keep them coming back for more.

Next, you don’t have to know how to code yourself in order to sell WordPress websites. There are white label services out there like ours that allow you to maintain the client relationship yourself and have full control over the project. Depending upon the market you are in, you can sell a custom WordPress site for $2500-$5000 or more.

Did you ever get involved in a website project and it dragged on and on and it felt like you would never get paid? That doesn’t happen with WordPress sites like it used to with completely custom projects. So much of the “heavy lifting” of the web development process is already built with WordPress websites that development times are shortened drastically. You will get paid faster!

Finally, the time is ripe for your existing customers to build new websites. Google is forecasting that by 2015 over 50% of internet traffic will be on mobile devices. This means that your clients absolutely need to have a mobile-ready or mobile-optimized website. The preferred means of providing a mobile-ready site is to build a single “fully responsive” website. WordPress websites are the perfect solution with fully responsive builds on Foundation Framework or Twitter Bootstrap providing rock-solid sites that look great on all devices.

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