WordPress for iOS: Version 6.0

Good news for WordPress iOS app developers: version 6.0 is here and is available in the App Store. The updated version of the popular content management system’s mobile app features a number changes that will improve both security and functionality of the app, the company said in a blog post.

However, many of those changes will not be apparent to the average WP user. Most of the updates for Version 6.0 happened behind the scenes with WordPress’s code base. The changes have made that code stronger, the company said, but they are not user-facing changes.

The content management platform also worked out some bugs, though there were fewer issues than there have been with past updates, the company said.

While much of Version 6.0 isn’t easy to see, there is one change that is obvious and a very welcome addition to the mobile app: the addition of a delete option for your WordPress sites. The feature is geared toward serial website creators who have moved on from their creations and want to declutter their WordPress dashboards. Now there’s an option to get rid of cast-off websites, located at the bottom of the Settings page under “Start Over.”

WordPress is continuing to publicise new updates via GitHub and invites developers to check out Version 6.1 for mobile, which is already in the works.

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