If you have run a website for any length of time you have probably heard about WordPress more than a couple of times.

You may have even considered a WordPress migration before. It’s been hard to avoid this online giant as it has made its incredible journey to become the largest online content management system (CMS) in the world. You may have heard a few of the benefits offered by this powerful open source software, but you are wondering if it is worth the switch from your current system. A WordPress migration consisting of transferring your content and layout can be a daunting task, but hopefully, you can be convinced that it is the best move for your site.


The number one thing you can immediately benefit from by making the switch are the vast number of design choices your website will have once it is on the WordPress platform. Not only is it free software, but it is open source. This has allowed thousands upon thousands of talented developers to create stunning designs that can be implemented to your site within seconds. If you don’t like a particular portion or layout it’s no problem, and in many cases, can be fixed as quickly as it is noticed.

You will also be able to split test any aesthetic options on your pages to boost conversion rates. Color, font, positioning, ad placement, wording— you name it, and it can be changed and tracked to see which one your readers like best. This can all happen at the press of a button; without the costly expense of hiring a developer or the time-consuming task of doing code work.


When WordPress first hit the scene it was a blogger’s dream. All of a sudden you could post to your heart’s content with very little ‘technical’ skill. This was great if you just wanted to have a personal blog, but not necessarily a great option for a booming intricate website. While it is still a great option for those who are less knowledgeable about HTML and CSS, WordPress can now beautifully support any range of sites from e-commerce to extremely customized web pages.

If you want your site to do a certain task (i.e. have a pop-up subscription box, or have a shopping cart) you will have to have code written directly into the site. Perhaps you are on another content management system and may not even be able to get the functionality you want at all. With the open source nature of WordPress, there is seemingly no end to the amount of specialized ‘plug-ins’ that allow your site to do just about anything you can imagine. From related content being displayed at the end of your posts to keep readers engaged all the way to easily placing ads for better conversion; you will be able to find any bell or whistle you want with a simple download. If you don’t like it all you have to do is deactivate that plug-in and it’s gone.

WordPress Migration: The Bottom Line

WordPress isn’t perfect, but if you have a website on another CMS or maybe you are still stuck with a hand-coded design, you will be sure to notice the increased flexibility and versatility once you make the switch. It can save time and money while providing you with beautiful function and an endless supply of design options.