WordPress News – 8th of November

WordPress news

It’s so pleasant to drink a cup of coffee or cappuccino and read some interesting and useful information. Today we offer you WordPress news as fresh as your donuts and freshly brewed coffee.

#01 WordPress 4.7 Beta 2

Go ahead and look through which new features and details have been added in the latest WordPress Beta Tester plugin. Of course, you shouldn’t make changes on a live site as this software is still in the process of development. The changes in this update included: Twenty Seventeen, edit shortcuts, REST API endpoints. Check out more here.

#02 The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

Do you still think that development is a province exclusive to men? The world’s largest gathering of women in tech is challenging this assumption. Over three days numerous speakers shared their knowledge and experience with the audience, divided into thematic areas of interests. They covered topics ranging from: Technology, Products A to Z, emerging Technology, Open Source, Career, Organizational Transformation and Poster.

#03 Fresh AMA with Noel Tock

Noel Tock is a WordCamp Europe Organizer. He had plenty to share in this AMA. Does WordPress have a chance to make its way into the enterprise market? “There’s still a lot of work to be done for enterprise. It’d be nice if the consumer-success translated to board rooms, but there’s a lot more ground work to be done there as individual companies and as a professional community (sales, marketing, white papers, associations, etc.),” he said.

He also discussed why we should you be flexible and where is the right home for WP Remote. That and more you can read about here.

#04 February 2-3 — Git Merge 2017

This long-awaited event will be presented by GitHub in Brussels. Tickets are still available and the conference will last two days. The first day will be dedicated to pre-conference Workshops. This is a great chance for developers to become a member of a large and most forward-thinking community. The second day is for general sessions. It will be a valuable opportunity to gather people and share knowledge about news, tools, changes etc. 2016 recap video is also available.

#05 WordPress Industry Survey 2016

For all of November, Torque Magazine is running a WordPress industry survey to learn more about who works in our field and what they do. At the end of the period, Torque will share the results of the survey. Would you like to make your personal input to help to provide real insight on the state of WordPress business? Take a few minutes and participating in the survey yourself.

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