The White Label Agency: WordPress Specialists

About 16 months ago, we decided to become WordPress specialists and we haven’t looked back. It is after all an era of specialization. Gone are the days when ubiquitous “agencies” provided the full spectrum of services to clients. Their replacement? Virtual agencies that cobble together a set of services provided by subcontractors who specialize in a single aspect of the value proposition.

The White Label Agency: WordPress Specialists

I had a conversation yesterday with good friend John Pritchard of Pritchard Digital Arts. We are planning to work together on a couple of upcoming projects where John is going to use his connections in a particular niche market to create opportunities for us to build WordPress websites. He wants to focus on creating great videos for these clients while leaving the websites to us, the WordPress specialists.

John and I have been around the block. We both have been involved in the web professionally since the late 1990’s and we’ve seen the whole gamut unfold over the past 15-20 years. Today we see businesses who want to specialize in just web videos like John or just SEO/PPC as examples of specialization. However, because professionals like John develop close relationships with their clients, they become aware of opportunities for projects or frequently get asked outright to build websites or to provide other services. So, they cobble together networks of specialists to deliver the goods.

In addition to the market dynamics described above, John and I both agree that tools like WordPress and some of the more popular software-as-a-service tools have played a catalytic role in the evolution. Let’s face it. There are tools available today that allow even small companies to enable functionality for themselves (or with minimal assistance) that exceed the capabilities that the F500 was implementing 10 years ago. For example, we are about to embark on setting up the marketing automation tool SharpSpring for our businesses. It delivers a set of features that was in its infancy – and very expensive – as recently as 5 years ago for a nominal monthly fee.

Are you embracing the era of specialization by focusing on what you do best and partnering with other specialists to deliver the best possible products and services to your clients? If you’re not, you should think about it. And, if whatever you’re thinking about includes building WordPress websites, you should give the WordPress specialists at The White Label Agency a call.

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