7 Best WordPress Plugins for Internet Marketers

WordPress plugins for internet marketers

If you are managing modern day internet marketing channels, these are the must-have WordPress plugins for you. They will give you the tools to generate more leads and land more conversions.

#01 Jetpack

Jetpack is a free plugin that lets you track how many visits your site gets. You can get such valuable insights as views of your website on the busiest day, total views referred to your blog, total views of different posts on your blog. Also it will let you know how many clicks your visitors have done hitting the outbound links on your website. Less specific to marketing but also important, it supports site security.

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#02 Title Experiments Free

A/B test titles for your articles. This plugin lets you test different headings of the article that you wrote and check which one brings more impressions. The algorithm of a plugin calculates the click probability by making calculated assumptions about how many times a title is displayed. This can help you learn to target your content ever more precisely.

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#03 WordPress SEO by Yoast

This plugin gives feedback on whether or not you are following best-practice SEO guidelines. It makes sure you use your target keyword (and in doing so make sure you choose target keywords). The handy plugin also checks that the keyword is in all the right places and that it has a good keyword density. In other words, that the keyword is not used too many or too few times. Beyond keywords, it also helps guide your style to make your articles accessible. To do so, Yoast evaluates the reading difficulty of vocabulary and sentence length. It’s a very useful plugin to keep you focused on the topic, keywords, and style that interest your audience.

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#04 OptinMonster

A variety of different templates for collecting information from your site visitors. It allows you create different opt-in forms that help you convert the visitors of your website into customers.

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#05 AdRotate

This one allows you to monetize your website in a simple way. With this plugin, you will be able to place adverts on your website almost anywhere. The convenient dashboard will let you easily manage all the settings, including the size and placement of ads. You have the ability to create the advertising with simple JavaScript/HTML code or use adverts from the popular Ad Server such as AdSense and many others. It also gives you extensive analytics about your website including the number of impressions you get and the most effective impression groups.

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#06 Heatmap for WordPress

Heatmap provides real-time analytics and mouse tracking that helps sites editors understand in seconds which are their best performing contents. Heatmap is used to optimize the traffic flow on websites and significantly reduce exit rates.

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#07 Akismet

This plugin automatically reviews and filters the comments on your website to avoid spammy comments, which is a task that never seems to end. The convenient dashboard allows you to control what comments are being displayed. Also, each comment has a status history, so you can easily check which ones were caught or cleared by the Akismet.

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This list, of course, is not full. More and more plugins are being developed each day to enhance the experience of WordPress users.

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