Git for WordPress Developers


Is Git for WordPress developers the new normal or still a nice-to-have?

As usual today we were trolling around the web looking for new and interesting articles, posts, comments, etc. about WordPress. We came across an article on WP Tavern about a new “crash course” inĀ using Git for WordPress developers. Learn more here.

The post made me think about Git for WordPress developers. It caused me to ask some questions like:

  • Who requires it?
  • Should they require it?

Git for WordPress Developers: Do you (or should you) require it?

In our role as a professional white label WordPress outsourcing subcontractor we do get asked about using Git for WordPress developers all of the time. We have the skills in house so it is not an obstacle for us. Clearly as our business has moved more “up market” we find ourselves working for larger agencies who are delivering more complex WordPress projects to their clients. We also find ourselves being brought in to add pages or functionality to complex legacy WordPress sites that are using Git as a matter of course.

Occasionally we get requests to use Git on projects where it is clear that the only reason Git is being used is because using Git is what the client (or their client) requires for all projects. As I said above, that is no problem for us. However, if you’re a small, non-technical agency that is building small business “brochureware” websites for your clients, you shouldn’t read stories about Git for WordPress developers and immediately assume that you need to add it to your project requirements.

When does it make sense to use Git for WordPress developers?

  1. When multiple parties are engaged in editing the backend of the site at the same time.
  2. When the project has very clearly defined development, testing and live versions of the site that are being worked on and maintained.

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