Google Mobile Ads and Your WordPress Business

Google announced its earnings on Friday and they beat analysts expectations rather handily. A significant contributor to the increase was the performance of Google mobile ads, specifically,pay per click ads for mobile. Ruth Poirat – Google’s new CFO – shared the good news during a conference call with analysts and investors.

“During the call, she said that the cost-per-click, or CPC, of Google mobile ads has risen and that desktop CPC has held steady. ‘We continue to close the gap between mobile and desktop search monetization,’ she said during the call. That’s particularly good news since more Google searches happen on mobile devices than desktops in 10 countries, including the US.”

Google Mobile Ads and Local Search

Google’s Chief Business Officer Omid Kordestani spoke about strong performance in local search and, “some of Google’s new offerings that help businesses quantify offline sales that result from online searches—claiming, for example that one-third of Target’s mobile ads resulted in in-store sales.”

Shares of Google surged 10% in after hours trading following the announcement.

What does this mean to WordPress agencies?

As WordPress agency owners, we all have clients who deliberate improving or replacing their websites for months or even years. The so-called “Mobilegeddon” came and went back in April 2015. In the aftermath the world didn’t come to an end … yet. Stories like this one are perfect to share with your business prospects and with existing clients that you built static sites for previously. Over time the evidence will become more and more compelling that winning the local and mobile search games are vital to their business. This is especially true in tourist-driven markets where restaurants, hotels, venues and entertainment outlets are so dependent upon being found by visitors or potential visitors. As Google mobile ads continues to grow as a percentage of Google revenues, costs per click will only go up from here.

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