At TWLA, we define ourselves as a B2B partner for agencies. A key component of why our partnership model works is that we collaborate throughout the process of growth, transition and changes that our partner agencies naturally go through. Our services have supported agencies through bootstrapping beginnings, times of transition, and shifts from startup to well-established company.

This Partner Success Story highlights our work with Chris, is a prime example of this type of partnership. Running a full-service web design and marketing business, he has been working with TWLA for over two years. Over that period, the partnership has grown and changed according to his needs.

Continuous support in times of transition

Chris started working with TWLA during a challenging moment for his web design and marketing business.

“A couple years ago I was splitting ways with my business partner and I needed to find a development solution,” he told me. Otherwise, it was going to be tough to continue with the business.

While searching, he got in touch with one of our sales managers and learned about the services TWLA offered. “We pretty much jumped right into it,” Chris said.

During this period, he hired TWLA developers on an as-needed project basis. He particularly appreciated the project management included in this service.

“The project managers are one of my favorite things about TWLA,” he said. “They are really careful and attentive to detail.

Smooth expansion in times of growth

After solving the immediate problem of finding a development partner in TWLA, Chris started to aim for growth.

“What I needed to improve initially was continuity, and I was able to solve that through developer rentals,” he said.

Choosing the developer to hire on a rental basis was easy, because Chris had already worked with him extensively on a project basis.

“We started on a project basis, and then we had the same developer work on a few projects that I really liked working with, so I ended up renting him for about two thirds of a year,” he explained.

Managing overflow as an established agency

The developer Chris worked with later moved on to another opportunity. Meanwhile his agency had been growing and was now taking on bigger and more complex projects.
As such, he decided to adapt the partnership with TWLA once again. He chose to hire in-house development, shifting back to working with TWLA on a project-basis.

“For the past two years, TWLA was my primary development, and now I’m going to be transitioning into having it as overflow,” he explained. “It makes me feel peace of mind that I have a support team.”

Why It Works

At TWLA, we work to be your flexible, invisible back office, adapting and working with you for growth. That’s why we call what we do partnerships and not just subcontracting. But don’t just take it from us.

Chris works with us on a white label basis to keep branding simple, but he considers the TWLA developers he’s worked with to be part of his team.

“I’ve gotten to know all of the developers I’ve worked with. It feels more like an internal service,” he said.

No matter what stage your agency is in, our team is ready to partner with yours to move onto bigger and better things.