What We’re Reading: WordPress Experts Around the Web

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the smart, savvy WordPress experts in our midst, and all the smart and interesting things they have to say. Here’s a list of our top reads in the last few weeks, from technical to design to business strategy. A little something for everyone in web design and development.

#01 The Future of the Digital Agency.
An incisive analysis of how the digital agency space rapidly is changing for web design and development, with pressure at the top and bottom ends of the markets. Includes predictions and advice on how modern web agencies can orient themselves to deal with these shifts.

#02 Google’s AMP Project — What You Need to Know.
Google is going mobile (finally). This in itself problem isn’t news to you, but the knowledgeable people of WP Rocket break down how it will affect the WordPress ecosystem (what we know so far, anyway).

#03 The Days of Invisible Small Business May Soon Be Over.
GoDaddy’s CEO writes music to our ears: 60% of small businesses in Western countries still don’t have websites. In other words, the market for those of us working as WordPress developers, freelancers, or designers is far from saturated. The article has got quite a few more fascinating numbers about the small business landscape in the West.

#04 The Most Productive Design Tools Ever Featured in Product Hunt.
So, I am anything but a designer, but I’ll be honest — I want to use half of these web design productivity tools just because they look pretty. I suppose for the web design agencies who actually work with this stuff, they are probably even useful.

#05 Integrating WordPress with the Internet of Things.
To be honest, I feel like the Internet of Things is mostly still hype. This article is riding on that hype, but it’s honest about where WordPress is at right now. For example, WordPress developers can potentially get actions on their websites, such as comments or customer service tickets, to light up an LED bulb or ring a bell. That is a cool start, and the article sparks some ideas about where we can go from there.

#06 5 things to do after a hack.
Yoast, the WordPress experts always there with the practical advice you really need. My impression is that 95% of all articles about WordPress security try to give some advice on how to prevent hacks. But to be honest, there is a decent probability that they will happen no matter what. Knowing what to do after is probably something you need to know.

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