WordPress Market Share Growth Continues

According to published reports, WordPress market share growth continues to be the big news in the CMS world. The article we read had a subtitle that stated, “WordPress adds 1,150,000 new sites to reach 48% market share.”

WordPress Market Share Growth: Domination

“WordPress, the popular open source platform that’s been dominating the CMS market for some years now, seems poised to break the 50% threshold by the end of the year. In a recent statistic released by the BuiltWith website profiling and analytics service, Automattic’s WordPress has now reached a 48% market share amongst all other CMSs. Additionally, the CMS also added over 1,150,000 new domains to its headcount, increasing its previous numbers by 7%.”

From our perspective as an outsourced provider of white label WordPress development services we have seen an increase in the number of agencies who want to add WordPress websites to their offerings.  This includes graphic designers who want to add WordPress development to their mix and digital marketing agencies who need high converting WordPress websites to take full advantage of their services. We’ve also seen a recent surge in leads from agencies whose forte is other CMS like Joomla and Drupal. The message we hear from them is, “WordPress requests keep growing so we need an alternative to deliver that. We’re sick of losing business to WordPress.” Given the preponderance of anecdotal evidence, it is no wonder that WordPress market share growth continues unabated.

WordPress Market Share Growth: Other Interesting Facts

  • 1,748 sites are still using WordPress 2.1 (released in 2007)
  • Ghost* added 2,184 new domains, growing 17%
  • Site builder Wix added 154,000 new domains (14% growth) while competitor Squarespace added 151,000 new domains (33% growth)

* Ghost is an open source blogging platform created in Node.js by one of WordPress’ former UI designers

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