WordPress News – 11th of October 2016

WordPress news

Here we go with the latest portion of WordPress news around the world!

#01 WordCamp Phoenix

The first of October was marked by the beginning of WordCamp Phoenix. During two days over 35 speakers shared their views, thoughts and experience. Every attender was able to find some interesting and useful info, got new connections and communicate with lots of specialists.

Nowadays the world become more and more digital and sometimes we forget that behind every website, application, and software, is a person — a live human being. The same thing is with customers and partners: they are also people who we need to treat with thoughtfulness and care. This theme was highlighted in the speech “The Human Side of the Web” by Tanya Moushi, Chief Empathy Officer of AKOS Web Marketing.

One more interesting and useful presentation was made by Adam Silver. His speech “How to Grow Your Business With WordPress & Podcasting” might be a draw for business owners even beyond WordPress.

#02 Website Weekend LA

Website Weekend LA takes its roots from 2013. This year teams of developers, designers, user experience specialists and other experts and general volunteers will collaborate with nonprofit organizations to create awesome results that will help them to grow and bring benefits to society. A non-profit hackathon will take place on the 22nd-23rd of October.

#03 Registering to vote just got easier

WordPress & HelloVote made registering so easy! How WordPress can make registering for the upcoming elections in the US as easy as A, B, C. Haven’t tried it yet? You still have a couple days to get it done! It will be disabled on October 12th as voter registration wraps up.

#04 AMA with Automattic’s Growth Engineer

Luca Sartoni of Automattic covers a lot of ground in this interview: how to overcome the fear of public speaking, developing clear standards of communication, understanding the value of distributed work, and how trust is the thing you’ll really need. Definite food for thought.

#05 Community Recap: Automattic’s Worldwide WordPress 5K

19th-26th of September were the week of healthy lifestyle in WordPress community and everyone was invited to join. Now here is the recap of the great event in which a lot of people from different countries were involved. Cool photos and participants’ quotations are included.

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