WordPress News: WordCamp in Kiev Preview

WordCamp Kiyv 2016 Preview

Sooooon! A great event in the world of WordPress is drawing near.

This coming weekend is WordCamp Kiev! So far, it’s attracted more than 200 participants and the registration isn’t closed yet. Sixteen speakers from a number of companies from different countries will share their experience and thoughts. The conference gathers together some of the best specialists in the field and gives an opportunity to enlarge our knowledge, get some new, interesting and no doubt, helpful experience, and just to communicate with like-minded people.


This year WordCamp Kiev will last two full days, eight lectures each day. Famous engineers, designers, project managers and business owners will open secrets of their success. The structure of the conference is very convenient and “people-friendly” – everybody will be able to listen to reports which are of interest to them.

  • After the official opening Semen Kremenyuk will share personal experience how WordPress has helped him to build his business, Komandda, which does web design, content marketing, and video production.
  • Motion design is pretty important nowadays, and more and more developers and designers are making use of it. To understand the advantages of web animation Oleksiy Kalyuzhny will offer his thoughts. I also expect the speech of Emanuel Blagonic will be interesting and helpful for project managers, designers and business owners.
  • The popular topic of WordPress security questions will be covered by Dmitriy Kondryuk. His research will includes information on why so great number of WordPress sites become the target of intruders. He’ll also highlight/debunk different myths about safety and security and offer practical information about how to overcome some common problems.

And these are only a few of the interesting presentations we can look forward to at this WordCamp!

A bunch of representatives of The White Label Agency from different departments are going to visit this event. Just after the WordCamp we’ll share our impressions and what interesting new things we have learned!

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