Looking back on 2014, we would have to say that requests for parallax scrolling effects were in strong demand during the year. Many web designers have embraced the idea of the long form homepage with backgrounds behind “rows” alternating between solid colors and parallax animation effects. Both Bootstrap and Foundation (the frameworks we prefer to use) make working with WordPress parallax projects a relatively basic step in site development for us.

Why outsource WordPress parallax development?

You don’t have the capabilities in-house today

Your in-house developers don’t have experience with WordPress parallax development and your price for a project doesn’t allow you to absorb too much “learning curve” costs while your developers familiarize themselves with the concepts. If the site has enough customization required that you aren’t just using a theme that comes with parallax backgrounds out of the box, using an outsourced WordPress developer like The White Label Agency may be a smart move. We’re going to charge you $35/hour and the person doing the work will not have “learning curve” requirements. We frequently hear WordPress parallax development as being the breaking point for graphic designers who used to design and build their own WordPress sites but who now prefer to outsource because they don’t want to learn parallax and/or fully responsive development.

You have the capabilities, but only your best dev does, and there is other more profitable work you can assign he/she

This is the classic outsourcing case … what is best and most profitable use for the resource? You have one in-house dev who knows WordPress parallax development, but there are other more profitable projects he/she can work on instead of the parallax project you are starting. Use $35/hour as the alternative cost in your formula as you compare whether or not to use The White Label Agency or your in-house dev.

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