How to Write SEO Content: WLA Best Practices

How to Write SEO Content: WLA Best Practices - The White Label Agency

Creating content that ranks high in search engines and resonates with readers can be a challenge. You might have a great SEO strategy and the right keywords, but how to write SEO content and put your vision into practice is another story.

At White Label Agency (WLA), we help digital agencies deliver engaging content for their clients. Drawing from our experience, we will share our best SEO writing practices to drive results. 

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How to Write SEO Content: Powerful WLA Practices

Crafting effective SEO content involves not only keywords but also understanding an audience, and catering clear and engaging stories to them. At WLA, we use these principles to develop SEO content. Let’s delve deeper into the key elements of our practices:

Audience-Centric Approach

Understanding your target audience is vital. The more you know about their needs and interests, the better you can tailor the content’s style and information to resonate well with them. To achieve this, WLA writers always study the end client and their customers thoroughly first. This results in content that feels like a conversation with a friend who truly gets it.

Voice-Matched Text & Engaging Narrative

Every brand has a unique voice and personality. To answer the question of “how to write SEO content” for a specific client, we have to first know whether their brand voice is authoritative, informative, playful, or engaging. By ensuring the content reflects your client’s brand voice, you build a stronger connection with their audience. This consistency fosters trust and helps readers feel like they’re interacting directly with the brand they know and value.

Facts are important, but stories make content truly stand out. By weaving interesting stories throughout your content, you keep readers hooked and wanting to learn more. Stories aren’t just fun, they help us connect with information on a deeper level, making it easier to remember and understand. 

Structure for Success

A clear and concise structure is crucial for both SEO and the user experience (UX). Content that is easy to navigate, with logical information flow and headings that guide readers through the content, will keep them engaged and wanting more. At WLA, we think of structure as the roadmap that helps readers find the information they seek quickly and efficiently.

SEO-Optimized, Not Stuffed

Integrating your target keywords seamlessly throughout the content is essential for SEO. However, at WLA, we always avoid robotic keyword stuffing. The key is finding a natural flow that ensures optimal search engine visibility while maintaining readability. Imagine keywords as signs, strategically placed to guide readers to the content they’re searching for, without interrupting the flow of the narrative.

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How to Write SEO Content for Different Industries

We’ve explored a couple of powerful practices used by WLA for SEO content that ranks. But how do these principles translate across different industries? To put the theory into practice and demonstrate how our approach works in real life, let’s examine 3 scenarios as an example and discuss how to write SEO content for different clients.

Law Firms:

  • Focus: Credibility and authority. Legal content should be informative, accurate, and demonstrate expertise.
  • Voice: Authoritative and informative.
  • Example: Imagine a law firm specializing in personal injury cases. Their target audience might be individuals who have recently been injured and are seeking legal guidance. WLA writers would craft blog posts on common personal injury topics, like “Understanding Your Rights After a Car Accident in Texas,” ensuring the content is accurate and informative. As WLA content writer Lizi says, “The key here is to inform potential clients about their legal rights in a clear and confident way, while also demonstrating the firm’s deep expertise in personal injury law.”


  • Focus: Empathy and education.
  • Voice: Informative, compassionate, and engaging.
  • Example: Suppose a clinic specializes in pediatric care. Their target audience includes parents seeking information about child health. WLA writers would craft content that addresses parental concerns with empathy and understanding. This could involve blog posts on common childhood illnesses, or practical tips for keeping children healthy.

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Insurance Companies:

  • Focus: Building trust and clarity.
  • Voice: Clear, informative, and trustworthy.
  • Example: Let’s consider an insurance company offering life insurance plans. Their target audience might be families seeking financial security. Here, WLA would create content that builds trust and clarifies complex topics. This could include blog posts comparing different types of life insurance plans, or landing pages that explain key policy details. “When it comes to insurance companies, building trust is what they aim for,” explains WLA content writer Mikheil, “in such cases, the content should help people understand complex topics like life insurance through clear language.”

3 Extra Tips on SEO Content Writing for Digital Agencies

While mastering the core principles of SEO content writing is essential, there’s always room to make your content better and capture the right audience’s attention. Here at WLA, we go beyond the basics by incorporating these powerful tactics:

Tip #1: Power Up Your Texts with Visuals

Visuals grab attention. Images, infographics, and videos break up text, making your content easier to understand and remember. They also keep readers engaged, which helps SEO.

Tip #2: Work on Internal Linking

Link within your site. Internal linking helps users find related content, keeps them engaged longer, and improves the website’s SEO. Think of it as helpful guideposts within your client’s website’s library.


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Tip #3: Craft Evergreen Content

Don’t just chase trends. Focus on creating content that’s always relevant, like timeless questions or industry staples. This saves you time and helps your content drive traffic.

Why This Matters

Quality SEO writing is essential for your clients. It gets content seen by people searching for services, driving more conversions. This competence can also set you apart. While competitors might be limited to design or development and lack SEO expertise, your extra focus on quality SEO content makes you a one-stop shop for all digital marketing, proving you can deliver real results.

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