Kadence WP: Smart Choice for Digital Agencies

Kadence WP: Smart Choice for Digital Agencies - The White Label Agency

At White Label Agency, we collaborate with hundreds of digital agencies developing WordPress websites, both on a project basis and through dedicated developer hires. Through these contacts, we’ve observed a notable trend: the rising popularity of Kadence WP. This increase in demand isn’t surprising, given Kadence WP’s remarkable versatility and efficiency. Let’s unpack the reasons behind its rising popularity among WordPress users, exploring how it aligns with the needs of our diverse clientele.

Features of Kadence WP - Kadence WP, smart choice for digital agencies

Features of Kadence WP

Kadence is a WordPress theme that’s been designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. Its interface is very accessible for users across all skill levels. This ease of use is a great benefit, especially for individuals or small business owners who may not possess web development expertise. This easy interface removes the often steep learning curve.

It’s also known for an intuitive backend that’s easy to navigate, making website customization straightforward, even for those with limited technical skills.

Kadence offers extensive customization control, allowing users to tweak branding, colors, fonts, and layouts with ease. Changes can be made directly through the WordPress Customizer, this level of control makes it ideal for creating tailored website designs without exhausting the site with additional plugins.

One of the standout features of Kadence is its comprehensive free version, which includes advanced tools like header and footer builders — features that are usually reserved for paid versions in other themes. This makes Kadence not only cost-effective but also rich in functionalities, even at its free tier.

The theme provides a wide array of starter templates suitable for various industries. These templates are fully customizable, offering flexibility and ease in creating industry-specific websites. This variety is a significant advantage, as it allows for quick deployment of professional-looking websites that cater to different market needs


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Kadence’s compatibility

From our internal experience, Kadence WP works perfectly with other popular web-building tools and plugins. This compatibility makes it a flexible option for various types of web projects. For instance, it smoothly integrates with Elementor. This combination of Kadence’s functionality with Elementor’s capabilities is a great toolset for our web designers and developers.

For e-commerce platforms, Kadence works well with WooCommerce plugin. This makes it easier and more efficient to build and run online stores. Users can create professional e-commerce websites with ease, leveraging the best of both Kadence and WooCommerce.

Kadence WP’s Edge Over Competitors - Kadence WP, smart choice for digital agencies

Gutenberg and Kadence WP

The Gutenberg block editor revolutionized how users create and manage content. It utilizes a block-based approach where each piece of content, whether it’s a paragraph, image, or video, is a distinct block. This system has offered more flexibility and control over content layout and design for years.

Kadence WP took the Gutenberg blog editor to the next level by extending its functionality. It includes additional blocks that are not available in the standard Gutenberg editor. These advanced blocks offer more functionalities, like advanced galleries, tables of contents, more sophisticated layout options and etc.

It also gives the user more control over the styling and layout of each block. This means tailoring the look and feel of each element on a webpage is simple and precise. You may not be highly skilled in coding or web design to leverage these functionalities.

This provides users with more flexibility in designing their site and is a significant upgrade over the standard block editor available in other WordPress themes.

Kadence WP’s edge over competitors

Besides its close integration with Gutenberg, Kadence stands out from its competitors in several other areas, making it a preferred choice for many web designers and developers. One of its primary advantages is its user-friendly interface, which is easier to navigate compared to, for instance, Visual Composer. This makes it accessible for users of all skill levels, allowing even those with limited technical knowledge to create professional-looking websites.

Websites built with Kadence aren’t bloated with unnecessary extensions and plugins so they load faster than most themes. Also, Kadence rarely creates conflicts with plugins.

Another area where Kadence excels is in its free version, which offers features that are often only available in the premium versions of other themes. For instance, advanced tools like header and footer builders come standard in Kadence’s free version. This aspect not only makes it cost-effective but also feature-rich compared to its counterparts.

In terms of customization, Kadence WP provides extensive control over website design, including branding, colors, and layouts. This level of customization is more comprehensive than what is typically available in other themes.


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White Label Agency: Your partner in Kadence WP expertise

For digital agencies, Kadence emerges as a practical and strategic choice. It is ideal for a wide range of client projects, from simple blogs to complex e-commerce sites. Even the free version can deliver high-quality websites that make it beneficial for agencies mindful of their budget. It will speed up agencies’ project completion pace and boost overall productivity.

If you are running a digital agency and may not have sufficient staff or specific expertise in-house, partnering with us at White Label Agency can provide you with the necessary support. Leveraging our years of expertise in Kadence can help you deliver top-tier web solutions to your clients. Contact us today.