Should I switch from Squarespace to WordPress?

Should I switch from Squarespace to WordPress? - The White Label Agency

Are you contemplating the big move: “Should I switch from Squarespace to WordPress?” If so, you’re not alone. At White Label Agency, we see many agencies grapple with this decision, seeking the best platform for their clients. As the world’s largest outsourcer of WordPress services to digital agencies, we come into contact with hundreds of digital agencies annually and we know the challenges and rewards of both platforms firsthand. We’d like to share with you our take on the contrast between WordPress and Squarespace, putting you in the best position to make an informed decision.

Customization capabilities - Should I switch from Squarespace to WordPress

Website care and control: Squarespace vs. WordPress

Every web development agency knows how important website maintenance is. Regular updates and checks keep the client’s site high-performing and secure. For agencies, effective maintenance can make the difference between a satisfied client and one facing unexpected site disruptions.

With Squarespace, maintenance is part of the subscription. However, Squarespace controls when updates happen, which can lead to sudden changes on client sites without notice. This might prompt agencies to ask, “Should I switch from Squarespace to WordPress?

In contrast, WordPress offers agencies full control over their clients’ website maintenance and updates:

  • Scheduled Updates: Agencies can choose when to update, preventing potential disruptions.
  • Testing: Before applying any updates, agencies can test to ensure there are no compatibility issues.
  • Security: While agencies are responsible for site security on WordPress, they have the flexibility to choose the security measures best suited for each client.
  • Resources: There’s a wealth of tools available to help agencies streamline the WordPress maintenance process.

For agencies prioritizing control and predictability, WordPress grants the necessary autonomy to effectively manage client sites. If you need assistance in handling maintenance tasks you can check our Maintenance Plans.


WordPress maintenance plans

We offer an easy way for agencies to guarantee ongoing support to their clients with our WordPress maintenance plans.

Customization capabilities

While both WordPress and Squarespace have their merits, WordPress stands out for its far greater opportunities for customization. Let’s look at why.

As WordPress is an open-source platform it lets you change its code. You can make a website look and work exactly how you want it to. This means that web development agencies can tailor every aspect of a website to fit the precise requirements of their clients. On the other hand, Squarespace despite having beautifully designed templates, places limits on deep customization.

Not only does Squarespace limit opportunities for customization, it also doesn’t give the same flexibility with regards to the choice of hosting provider. Squarespace plans are offered packaged with their own hosting. WordPress stands out by offering users the liberty to select from numerous hosts. This is particularly important for agencies aiming to optimize site performance based on client-specific needs.

WordPress offers a far greater range of functionality for a website than Squarespace does. On WordPress, you can extend a website’s functionality through over 58,000 plugins. Squarespace doesn’t have nearly as many options to add features to a website. However, while selecting plugins for WordPress, always check their reviews and download numbers.

So, if your clients demand specific designs, hosting solutions or functionalities beyond Squarespace’s framework, WordPress’s limitless options emerge as a clear winner. This brings us back to the central inquiry: “Should I switch from Squarespace to WordPress?”

Making the right choice - Should I switch from Squarespace to WordPress

E-commerce essentials: Which platform offers more?

As e-commerce grows, it’s becoming a necessity for businesses to offer an online purchasing facility. This is very clear to us at WLA. In partnering with over 600 digital agencies, most small to medium-sized businesses, we’ve seen a clear rise in the number of e-commerce sites. So which CMS is better for e-commerce, WordPress or Squarespace?

Although Squarespace integrates widely-used payment methods such as Paypal, Stripe, Afterpay, and Apple Pay, it offers a constrained e-commerce setup. The platform doesn’t support advanced features, making it less suitable for businesses aiming to expand.

Contrastingly, WordPress, complemented by the WooCommerce plugin, presents a broader spectrum for e-commerce. It facilitates integration with significant players like Facebook and Google Shopping and supports a more extensive range of payment gateways. The adaptability of WooCommerce ensures businesses can meet their evolving needs.

If you are interested in more information about WooCommerce capabilities you can check this article:

For those clients of agencies looking at long-term e-commerce growth or wanting a comprehensive online storefront, WordPress undoubtedly offers more versatility than Squarespace. The recurring question remains: “Should I switch from Squarespace to WordPress?”

Make the right choice

In summary, both WordPress and Squarespace have their strengths. Squarespace provides easy maintenance and design templates but lacks deeper customization and advanced e-commerce features. WordPress, being open-source, offers extensive customization, a wide array of plugins, and superior e-commerce capabilities with WooCommerce. If agencies are working with clients who need specific designs, hosting options, or advanced online store features, WordPress is the better choice. Based on the experiences of our projects, WordPress provides more flexibility and control, making it a preferred platform for diverse and expanding client needs.

Migrating with ease

Have you decided a move to WordPress for your clients? You don’t have to worry anymore if your new clients use anything else than WordPress. We take care of all your migration projects. Work with us to migrate from Squarespace to WordPress, and deliver the most flexible and powerful CMS to your clients.

As the world’s largest outsourcer of WordPress services to digital agencies, White Label Agency offers plenty of capacity to transition sites to WordPress promptly and reliably. We don’t simply migrate your websites; we custom-code new WordPress sites that retain the essence of your existing sites. Simplify your maintenance, optimize SEO services, and give your clients the power and flexibility of WordPress. Don’t wait—reach out to us today.


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