WordPress Help for Agencies: Solving Challenges Together

WordPress Help for Agencies: Solving Challenges Together - The White Label Agency

Running a website requires constant balancing, especially if you are an agency that runs more than one website. Keeping your clients’ WordPress websites fresh, bug-free, and secure can feel like walking a tightrope. There’s always new content to upload, or front-end bugs that pop up unexpectedly. Maintaining clean and safe code requires constant vigilance, and all of this unexpected maintenance ends up using extra resources and incurring additional costs.

Here at White Label Agency, we understand your struggle. With over 3,000 WordPress projects built each year, we have seen and solved them all. With WordPress help and maintenance services, your agency can forget the headaches caused by minor bugs and sluggish website performance. 

We will now dive deep into the frequent challenges agencies face with WordPress maintenance and, most importantly, how outsourcing agencies help to overcome them.

Long-Term Client Success - WordPress help

Peace of Mind with Ongoing Maintenance

WordPress updates, security patches, and occasional bug fixes are all a part of WordPress help that keeps your client’s website running smoothly. WordPress maintenance services free up your agency’s time to focus on what you do best – client strategy and growth – while ensuring your clients’ websites stay secure and up-to-date.

Generally, maintenance plans for agencies provide top-tier WordPress security. Outsourcing companies can constantly monitor your clients’ websites for security threats, including malware, suspicious code, and blacklisting on security services like Google Safe Browsing and Norton Safe Web. To add an extra layer of protection, we recommend partnering with WP Engine, a leader in secure WordPress hosting. Your client’s websites are well defended by WPEngine’s world-class infrastructure, regular updates, and advanced threat protection.  

Enforcing secure passwords, daily malware scans, and protection against brute-force attacks are all crucial elements necessary to safeguard your clients’ websites. You can prevent data loss from hacks or technical malfunctions with backups and database protection. To further enhance security, companies provide monthly security reports that you can share with your clients, keeping them informed and confident in your services.

Custom-Built Solutions - WordPress help

Benefits of WordPress Maintenance Plans

Investing in a monthly WordPress maintenance plan is a smart business move, saving money in the long run by avoiding costly emergency fixes and minimizing the risk of lost revenue due to website issues. Regular maintenance helps prevent expensive downtime and security breaches, making it a financially sound decision.

Maintenance plans free up business owners to focus on core activities instead of worrying about technical website problems. Many maintenance plans offer tiered pricing, allowing agencies to scale the level of coverage as their website or business grows. This cost-effective solution ensures agencies always have WordPress help with all aspects of hosting, security, unlimited content edits, daily cloud backups, and more. As the number of sites grows, the cost per site decreases, which makes these plans cost-effective.

These monthly plans also enhance client value. By providing ongoing maintenance, agencies increase the long-term value of each client relationship, reducing the need to constantly find new customers. Satisfied clients are more likely to stay and use additional services,  helping you to build a loyal customer base.

Monthly maintenance services simplify cash flow management and provide a more predictable income that is good for budgeting and financial planning. Regular maintenance keeps agencies in constant contact with clients, creating opportunities for additional business and strengthening client relationships. 

Regular maintenance goes beyond bug fixes and security. It includes optimizing website speed, image compression, and mobile responsiveness. This creates a great user experience for your clients’ visitors and keeps them engaged and coming back for more.

Maintenance plans often include access to detailed website analytics reports. These reports can reveal valuable insights into user behavior, such as popular content, traffic sources, and conversion rates. That data allows agencies to make informed decisions about future website development and marketing strategies for their clients.


WordPress security services

Protect your clients’ sites against attacks and vulnerabilities.
Our maintenance plans for agencies come with the highest level of WordPress security.

Core Tasks to Maintain a Website

Regular backups are essential for disaster recovery. It is recommended to create backups at least once a month or more frequently for sites that constantly change their content. Storing backups on a separate server or device will add to your overall security.  WordPress offers built-in backup solutions, or you can use a popular plugin like UpdraftPlus, which allows you to download backups and store them externally.

Regular updates to WordPress core, themes, and must-have plugins are vital for security and functionality. With WordPress help, websites are constantly monitored, and updates are applied whenever new versions are released. However, it is recommended to perform a backup beforehand in case any compatibility issues arise.

The WordPress community is a valuable resource for security information. You can remain up-to-date and be aware of any known WordPress vulnerabilities by monitoring forums and using Google Alerts.  By being proactive, you can address potential problems before they impact your clients’ websites.


WordPress maintenance plans

We offer an easy way for agencies to guarantee ongoing support to their clients with our WordPress maintenance plans.

Streamline Your Workflow with White Label Agency

Managing multiple WordPress websites can be a time-consuming hassle. That’s why you need a comprehensive and cost-efficient solution that allows you to offload the burden of website maintenance and free yourself to focus on growing your business. By partnering with WLA, you can streamline your workflow, free up your time, and offer your clients the peace of mind that comes with secure, up-to-date WordPress websites. Contact us today to learn more.