WordPress security services

Protect your clients’ sites against attacks and vulnerabilities. Our maintenance plans for agencies come with the highest level of WordPress security.


The best WordPress security for agencies

Our team of WordPress experts protects your clients’ sites with the best WordPress security practices and tools.


We host your clients’ sites on WP Engine, an industry leader in security with world-class hosting infrastructure, proactive updates and enterprise-grade threat mitigation.

We perform a daily security scan of your sites and check if any are blacklisted on services such as Google Safe Browsing and Norton Safe Web.

Brute force protection

We ensure your websites are protected against brute force attacks by verifying the strength of passwords and authentications.

Data protection

We understand that your data is critical. Our maintenance plans come with daily backups and database protection against mySQL injections.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Website downtime means lost revenue. Our real-time uptime monitor checks your clients’ websites 24/7 with an interval of 60 seconds.


One of the benefits of hosting your sites on WP Engine is their firewall; it directs all traffic to your sites to ensure they are kept secure.

SSL certificate

We install SSL certificates on your client’s sites to ensure proper data encryption and the best security experience for visitors.

Our maintenance plans include daily malware scanning to detect altered files, potential attacks, and malicious code.

Monthly Report

Client trust is an asset we help you nurture. We provide you with monthly maintenance reports that you can share with your end clients.


Why trust us with your WordPress security

There’s no place for doubt when it comes to WordPress security. 
Here are some reasons our existing agency partners prefer working with us.

WordPress expertise

We build 3,000 WordPress projects yearly for our agency partners. Our team of experienced developers has the expertise required to guarantee the best level of security for your clients’ sites.


We’re a WP Engine Agency Partner. Your clients’ sites are hosted on the industry-leading platform for WordPress security and reliability. 

Q&A processes

Our Q&A teams have strict internal processes and use constant monitoring and incident detection. Using our services, your end clients get a proactive approach to security.  

Clear Communication

Our native English sales team is here to learn your preferences and ensure a consistent experience. You get a dedicated account manager to answer your questions and help you.


Our White Label Partner Commitment

Trusted by hundreds of digital agencies each year, we’re proud to bring you the white-label service your agency can rely on.

Smooth Communication

We make sure your WordPress projects keep on track with smooth communication from the start of the project.


We work for you as a white label partner, which means you get exactly what you need, ready to deliver to your final client, without any mention or appearance of us. We keep our partnership confidential.

Quality and Standards

Every WordPress build that we deliver is strictly done following the development and coding standards. We make sure you get high-quality and fast websites.

Partner Experience

Every agency is different. We will learn your preferences to ensure we can build each project you send our way to your standards. That way you can proudly put your label on all the sites we build for you.

WordPress Expertise

Building fast and secure WordPress websites leaves no place for compromise. With more than 3,000 WordPress projects and 100+ developers, you can entirely rely on our WordPress expertise.


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