Use WordPress Migrations to Get New Revenue From Old Clients

If you have been running a digital agency for some time, you probably have a pretty sizable client list. The recent ones are sitting on updated sites with your latest maintenance and add-on packages to bring security for them, and recurrent revenue for you. However, if there was a time before you discovered WordPress, some are probably running on Joomla, Drupal, Wix, Weebly, pure HTML or even your own CMS. Well, unless you’ve gone through a phase of WordPress migrations already, which is what this article is about.

Eliminate pain points of having old clients on a legacy CMS

Depending on your role in the agency, here are two cases that might hit close to home:

Ring ring! Your old client calls to ask for a small update of their site. Only you and your founding partner can do the fix, and it takes way too much time out of your busy schedule. And come to think about it, is that old CMS still being updated that your first 50 clients are on? When were your last backups in case something happens? If only they were all on WordPress…

The new maintenance package for WordPress is running really smoothly with all sites hosted on WP Engine and a great stream of recurrent revenue. What about all those old clients still running on your old CMS, couldn’t they be migrated over as well to get both a better website, and an upgraded maintenance package that is both more valuable and takes less effort to fulfill?

Benefits of migrating all old clients to WordPress

If you recognize yourself in one of the roles above, you probably thought many times that one of these days you’ll go back and get your old customers migrated over to WordPress. But there’s never a good time for it since it requires a lot of repetitive work that would steal time from winning the next valuable project.

However, a lot can be won when dusting off that old client registry.

I recently spoke to an agency partner of ours, and they were mostly looking to simplify their internal work and make sure all clients are on the same platform and hosting. But they also recognized the opportunity to earn more steady revenue from their migration efforts.

And there are many added benefits to help you sell the WordPress migrations to your clients:

  • a more responsive site,
  • better security,
  • throw in an SSL certificate,
  • improved SEO,
  • and maybe even selling them a new design when you’re at it

As our agency partner now migrates their old clients to a modern WordPress site, it’s important for them to ensure these sites get the attention they need with updates to plugins and the WordPress core. This, in turn, warrants an upgraded maintenance package with a higher monthly fee. “Aha – recurrent revenue” – say the CEO and CSO.

Example of the WP migration business case for a digital agency

Here’s an example of what it could look like for an agency with 50 clients running on an old CMS, and where 35 of them agree to go over to WordPress and pay only $100 upfront and then a higher maintenance & hosting fee for the added value:

The best part about this revenue stream is that you don’t need to do the heavy lifting. Migrating an old site to WordPress is a simple job for us at White Label Agency, regardless of what CMS it’s on today since we custom code our sites.

It will also look the same as it did before unless you also upgrade them to a new design when you’re at it (which we can also help you with).

How to do the WordPress migrations in practice

If you need some ideas on how to run the campaign in practice to make extra revenue instead of just adding cost when migrating your old clients’ sites over to WordPress, here’s what you can do:

  1. Take your old registry of clients
  2. Reach out to them personally to let them know about the benefits of WP:
    1. Great for SEO
    2. Easy to update the content
    3. Ensures the site is responsive
    4. Good security when kept up-to-date (i.e. with your maintenance package)
    5. Etc.
  3. Offer them a good deal for the migration when they sign up to a monthly plan with better maintenance and hosting with SSL and so on… (and/or other services you offer)
  4. Close the deals
  5. Send us the URLs to get quotes. If you have many sites to migrate, you can use the form below to speed things up (plus we might be able to offer you a lower price)
  6. Accept the quotes that fit
  7. Receive responsive WordPress sites ready for launch
  8. Replace your client’s sites
  9. Enjoy that you have new recurrent revenue and one less thing to worry about

Get started

If you have clients with sites on an old CMS and you’re thinking of making a round of WordPress migrations, get started by sending us the URLs to a couple of those old sites. Here’s a form for sending a bunch of sites at once for quoting.

We’ll get back to you within a business day with a quote for the work (maybe a bit more if you have A LOT of sites to migrate, but we’ll do our best). You can reach us on the chat or by filling out the form on our contact us page.

If you’re already a partner of ours, just contact your Account Manager to ask for a quote.

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