The Best WordPress Themes for Magazines

The Best WordPress Themes for Magazines - The White Label Agency

Are your clients looking for  WordPress themes for Magazines? Are you struggling to find the right ones? The right theme can make your client’s online magazine visually appealing, user-friendly, and more successful in the long run.

At White Label Agency, we understand the importance of choosing the right WordPress theme, whether for magazines or any other business.  We have over a decade of experience developing thousands of projects and we will help you navigate the top magazine themes so you can choose the one that best meets your client’s needs.

What exactly is a WordPress Magazine Theme - WordPress themes for magazines

What Exactly is a WordPress Magazine Theme?

WordPress themes for magazines are custom-made website templates within that particular niche. They usually feature a homepage that showcases articles in different formats like sliders, lists, or grids. Plus, it can offer different post designs, category options, and cool magazine features like bookmarking, upvoting, and content reactions. 

In most cases, users can customize the theme to match branding. For example, they can add the company’s logo, customize colors, and choose favorite typography.

If you have clients who manage a website with a large volume of articles, tutorials, or guides, a magazine theme can be ideally suited for them – of course, alongside news & media websites themselves.


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What to Consider When Choosing WordPress Themes?

Let’s delve into the main factors to consider when choosing any type of WordPress theme for websites. We will explore core features necessary for themes, such as customization options, responsiveness, compatibility with plugins, design aesthetics, and user-friendliness in detail.

Flexible Layout Options

WordPress themes often come with pre-built demos that are easy to apply to websites. You can plug in content and launch a magazine site in no time. 

However, it’s crucial to check if the layouts provided in the demos and page templates are flexible and customizable. For the homepage demo, we can add a logo, tweak the navigation menu, and decide how to present the articles.

Having control over categories and post layouts is essential; This ensures that you are following web design best practices and avoids the need to force content into an unsuitable structure.

Responsive Design

In the past, web design was mainly concerned about how sites looked on desktops. But things have changed a great deal lately. Now, we have a responsive design. That means websites can adjust themselves to work well on every device.

In 2022, about 95% of people worldwide used their mobile phones to go online. So guaranteeing the website works well on mobile devices is crucial for success.

The great news is that most WordPress themes work well on mobile devices. That means their layouts, menus, and images can adjust to fit various screen sizes, ensuring users have a great experience.

Search Engine Optimization

Concerning the SEO tips for WordPress, emphasizing on-page optimization is the key. A theme can significantly aid in SEO by maintaining fast loading times.  So, especially for WordPress themes for magazines,  opting for a lightweight and quick theme is crucial for a better SEO ranking.

 Look for themes with lazy loading and clean code for SEO benefits. Also, the theme should play well with all used SEO plugins.

Speed, Performance, and User Friendliness

Understanding how to make a WordPress website faster can lower the bounce rate, which happens when people visit and quickly leave. It also boosts conversions, helping reach business goals more efficiently.

In general, it’s best to avoid overly complex customization tools. Your client’s customers might find a drag-and-drop interface or a theme designed for a page builder appealing.


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Top 3 WordPress Themes for Magazines

Now that we’ve discussed what to consider when choosing WordPress themes for magazines, let’s delve into the top choices based on their price, reviews, reliability, and features.


With an impressive rate of 4.9 out of 5, the theme is ideal for users seeking a robust freemium theme. With over 80,000 active installations, ColorMag is undeniably one of the most sought-after WordPress magazine themes, and for good reason.

ColorMag - WordPress themes for magazines

ColorMag is known for offering a wide variety of free theme choices, which allows one to access eight starter sites covering various categories like business, entertainment, and fashion.

This theme also works seamlessly with WooCommerce and includes dedicated ad space in its layouts. That makes monetizing online magazines easy.

Key Features:

  • Works with Elementor website builder
  • Ready for translation and responsive design
  • A sticky menu

Price: freemium (free or premium, starting at $59 per license)

MH Magazine Lite

With a solid rate of 4.8 out of 5, the theme is best for working with custom widgets. When your client seeks a sleek and professional news theme, ‘MH Magazine Lite’ is the perfect choice.

MH Magazine Lite - WordPress themes for magazines

Its clean and classy design is ideal for traditional online magazines and news websites.

MH Magazine Lite offers everything needed for digital publications. It comes with a responsive layout that allows dynamic custom widgets.

Key Features:

  • Design based on widgets
  • Touch-supported sliders
  • Custom slots for menus

Price: Free (upgrade to premium available for $49 per license)


With a rate of 4.8 out of 5, this theme is ideal for websites that look like traditional print magazines.

Anymag is a beautiful premium theme that brings the charm of a traditional print magazine to the website. It’s ideal for smaller magazine sites or blogs that evoke a nostalgic magazine-reading experience.

This theme offers advanced typography choices, which makes designing an eye-catching front page very simple. It also includes a hidden sidebar to keep your navigation menu from cluttering the classic design.

Key Features:

  • Fully responsive and ready for WooCommerce
  • Custom widgets for social media buttons and the latest posts
  • Featured post slider and easy demo imports

Price: $39/license

Not Sure Which Theme to Choose?

When selecting a theme for your clients it’s important to review customization options, responsiveness, plugin compatibility, and design aesthetics before making a decision. 

Whether you opt for a free or premium theme, prioritize features that align with your client’s content and branding needs. Magazine themes aren’t the only option! White Label Agency is your one-stop shop for all things WordPress. We can help you build any type of website for any type of business. Our team of experts can create custom WordPress themes tailored to your client’s specific needs and brand identity. Contact us today!