Digital marketing ROI calculator

Estimating the return on investment from a digital marketing initiative can be difficult. Yet this is a useful exercise, as clients often hesitate to invest. This marketing ROI calculator will help you determine the projected return of a digital marketing initiative to secure client buy-in.

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What is Inside?

Follow five simple steps to calculate the expected ROI of your digital marketing initiatives and assess them against other avenues.


How to use ROI?

Securing client commitment presents many challenges. Our convenient marketing ROI calculator helps your agency overcome these.

  • Need to streamline ROI assessment?
    • Justifying client investment can be a time-consuming process. Our digital marketing ROI calculator lets you prepare compelling investment justifications with ease and efficiency.
  • Worried about calculation mistakes?
    • Errors in ROI analysis can undermine client confidence. Minimize risk and safeguard your agency’s reputation by using our reliable and accurate template.
  • Need to enhance strategic insights?
    • It can be hard to deliver quality insight for strategic decision-making. Our ROI calculator offers clear, data-backed projections that enhance the value of client discussions.

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What is marketing ROI?

Marketing ROI (Return on Investment) measures the profit generated from marketing activities relative to the cost invested. It evaluates the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in generating revenue for the business.

How to calculate marketing ROI?

To calculate marketing ROI, subtract the marketing cost from the profit it generates, then divide by the marketing cost. The formula is: (Profit – Marketing Cost) / Marketing Cost. This calculation provides a ratio or percentage that represents the return on marketing investments.

What are key marketing ROI metrics?

Key marketing ROI metrics include Traffic volume, Conversion rate, Closing rate, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Marketing costs. Your agency will need to estimate each of these metrics to produce an ROI value.

Can you provide marketing ROI examples?

At White Label Agency, we regularly come across marketing ROI examples that highlight the value of digital marketing initiatives. Many of our agencies charge clients around $8,400 in upfront costs for a website project and a further $120 per month for ongoing maintenance. Assuming a 24-month website lifetime, such a project will incur a total cost of $470 per month. Such projects can be expected to generate a profit of around $1,500 per month, resulting in an ROI of 219%.

How does digital marketing ROI differ from other investments?

Digital marketing ROI usually exceeds the returns associated with other investments. The ROI of 219% presented in the previous question is substantially higher than the 115-130% return typically considered favorable for small businesses.