How to use WordPress experts in your agency

How to use WordPress experts in your agency - The White Label Agency


Agencies need to make the most of their resources and talent to achieve maximum growth and success. In this article, I will discuss the essential skills and tasks that WordPress experts should be proficient in. I will also explore how to match experts to the complexity of your tasks. Additionally, I will offer lesser-known advice on how to leverage the full power of expert developers.

Sometimes WordPress projects require specific expertise and frequent communication with developers is essential. Moreover, hiring expert developers can be expensive and challenging. I have created this blog, to provide you with tips on how to use experts in your agency, to achieve the highest quality service.

Let’s dive into the article and discover how to use expert developers to enhance your agency’s success.

Skills of WordPress experts

When talking about having experts in your agency, it’s essential to match the complexity of the project with the developer’s skill level. Let’s start from a technical point of view.

Some of the skills an expert developer should generally have include:

  • Being able to debug, which includes an understanding of how the WordPress core and frequently used plugins work.
  • Setting up a new domain and understanding how web servers work.
  • Creating custom plugins and making adjustments to existing plugins.
  • Knowing how to work with login areas and use conditional logic in GravityForms.
  • Being familiar with working with different APIs and having advanced knowledge of the back-end structure.
  • Knowing how to work with multi-site and e-commerce websites.

In addition to these main skills, it is important to understand the difference between WordPress experts and developers with less experience. WLA’s head of production Alexander Parkhomenko put that contrast smartly:

“The main difference between mid-level developers and the expert developer is huge in terms of self-organization and speed.”

Finally, expert developers also need to be highly skilled in communication. They will often work on complex projects that require interpreting and even explaining clients’ needs. They should be able to explain the technical aspects of the project even to non-technical stakeholders.

Junior DeveloperMiddle DeveloperExpert Developer
Project Size2-6 page designs6-10 page designs10+ page designs
Task TypeSimple website ’from scratch’
Adding new layouts
Updating plugins and doing maintenance
Bigger sites or sites with complex plugins
Adding new layouts
Making adjustments to existing plugins
Working with login areas
Building bigger sites or sites with complex plugins,
Adding new layouts
Creating custom plugins
Making adjustments to existing plugins
Working with login areas
Back-end StructureBasic use of ACF
Easy site content management
Advanced use of ACF
easy site content management
Builder plugins are an option
Advanced use of ACF
Easy site content management
Builder plugins
e-CommerceNo WooCommerce builds,
Donate through Stripe or PayPal in GravityForms
WooCommerce builds
Donate through Stripe or PayPal in GravityForms
WooCommerce builds
Donate through Stripe or PayPal in GravityForms
Custom PluginsNoNoYes
APIOnly basic steps like adding
Google Maps to the site
Yes, but not recommended
to do more than basic
Conditional Logic in GravityFormsNoYesYes
MaintenanceYes, but not recommended to
give only those tasks
Able to do, but not recommended
to give only those tasks
Fixing sites after plugin and WordPress updates,
Adding extra functionality, and adjusting existing elements, sections, or blocks
Your own knowledge levelStrong understanding
of WordPress and code
Strong understanding
of WordPress and tasks
Any level works better results
with a knowledgeable team

Tasks for experts

A key benefit of expert developers is that they are capable of working with partners with limited technical backgrounds. However, they really perform best when you as their manager also have a sufficient technical background to match their skills. That knowledge can help you pick the right task for them. The tasks that you assign to experts should allow them to take advantage of their expertise. As Robert De Niro’s character Lorenzo in ‘A Bronx Tale’ says: “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.”

The previous section listed many of the concrete tasks that you can expect a WordPress expert to be capable of doing. One lesser-known piece of advice is that agencies can greatly benefit from using WordPress experts for support tasks.

Many might think that support tasks are “simple”. However, according to WLA’s Head of Production, Alexander Parkhomenko, among our clients a significant portion of expert tasks with our dedicated developers involves support tasks. These can include fixing sites if plugin and WordPress updates cause issues, adding extra functionality, and adjusting existing elements, sections, or blocks. Experts handle support tasks because they can handle multiple projects at once and solve problems quickly. Their experience ensures that fixing one issue doesn’t create new problems in other parts of the website.

Knowledge transfer from WordPress experts

Expert developers can serve as mentors and guides for other developers. They can offer guidance and feedback to more junior ones. This can include code reviews, suggestions for optimization, and sharing their experience. Agencies should encourage this knowledge-sharing and collaboration. This type of collaboration will lead to significant growth in any organization.


WordPress experts are an invaluable asset to any agency. As we have discussed, their essential skills should include debugging, web-server knowledge, and plugin development. They should be proficient in multi-site and e-commerce solutions, and their excellent communication skills will enhance customer relations. Hire expert developers, utilize their skills and knowledge, and achieve growth and success for your agency.