WordPress Firewall

Offer state-of-the-art WordPress security to your clients through our maintenance plans. We provide a server-hosted WordPress firewall, secure coding, and your choice of security plugins.

WordPress firewall - WordPress maintenance plans

WordPress firewall and enhanced security

WordPress’s flexibility brings many threats. Ensure your clients’ sites are protected at all times through our robust services. Our WordPress firewall and security service includes:

Attack Protection

Our WordPress firewall is based on WPEngine’s leading security infrastructure, giving your clients’ sites protection from a wide range of cyber-attacks.

Access Surveillance

We constantly monitor access to your WordPress backend. Unauthorized access is prevented using automated security protocols and intelligent filtering.

Vulnerability Management

By regularly analyzing your WordPress site for vulnerabilities, we can proactively strengthen security and patch weaknesses before they are exploited.

Traffic Monitoring

Denial of service attacks are a growing threat. Our firewall service identifies and blocks unwanted and harmful traffic, saving bandwidth for legitimate users.


Why use our WordPress
Firewall Services

Keeping your clients safe and happy, gives you peace of mind and allows you to build longstanding relationships and develop your service offerings.


With more than 3,000 WordPress projects built and managed each year, rely on our staff to deliver technical proficiency and innovative solutions.


As an official partner of WPEngine, with over 10 years of WordPress experience, 600+ digital agencies trust us with their regular deliveries and maintenance.


Our Q&A teams use rigorous processes with continuous monitoring for incident detection, providing your clients with proactive, top-level security.


With a native English sales team and a dedicated account manager, we ensure you receive a prompt, personalized, and consistently high level of service.


Our White Label Partner Commitment

There’s a reason why we call ourselves “The White Label”: setting our WordPress expertise at your disposal is simply in our DNA!

Smooth Communication

We make sure your WordPress projects keep on track with smooth and transparent communication from start to end.


We work as your confidential white-label partner. You get what you need, ready to deliver to your final client, without any mention of us.

Quality and Standards

Every WordPress build we deliver follows strict development and coding standards. We make sure you get high-quality and fast websites.

Partner Experience

Each agency is different. We learn your preferences to ensure each project you send our way is built to your standards. You can proudly put your label on every site we build for you.

WordPress Expertise

Building fast and secure WordPress websites leaves no room for compromise. With more than 3,000 WordPress projects and 100+ developers, you can rely on our WordPress expertise.

Support and Flexibility

Each project and client is different. You get flexibility and support from us during and after a project. We also offer white label maintenance services once your project is done.


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