Mobile Ready Ecommerce Websites: What Are You Waiting For?

Is there any doubt left in your mind that mobile ready e-commerce websites are a necessity for retailers in the 21st Century? Well if there was, the early data released from Cyber Monday should erase it all.

Mobile Ready Ecommerce Websites coming on strong

First of all, Cyber Monday online sales were up year over year by 20.6% according to IBM. In fact, Cyber Monday blew away Black Friday by 31.5%. Cyber Monday also capped a five-day stretch of buying that started on Thanksgiving day that surpassed the same five-day period last year by 16.5%. See this story in the LATimes for more information.

Additional reports had online sales via mobile devices pegged as high as 1/6 of all sales for the day.

So who needs mobile ready e-commerce websites? Well, everybody … duh! Online sales are up 20% year over year while in-store purchases were up only 1% so the online channel is clearly the growth area. And, furthermore, purchases on mobile devices now account for up to 17% of online sales – up from 0% only a few years ago. Remarkable.

A fully responsive WordPress site coupled with the Woocommerce theme is an ideal solution for most retails. If you already have a WordPress site, you can re-skin your site with a new mobile-ready fully-responsive theme and add the shopping cart plugin for a lot less than you thought possible.

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