Mobilegeddon Has Arrived!

“Mobilegeddon” – or “mobile apocalypse” if you prefer – arrived today. There are news stories about it all over the internet, TV, print, etc. It is big news. Check out a few stories here:

Note the sources above. This isn’t only big news on and This is big news around the globe and across every facet of business. It is testimony to how ubiquitous Google has become in our lives.

Mobilegeddon means what?

Google claims that this latest change to their algorithm is not meant to discriminate against competitors. Google is simply demoting sites in their mobile-search results that are not deemed “mobile-friendly”. So if your site has text too small to read on a smartphone or poorly structured links that don’t open with the tap of a finger, your search position will suffer. As Google’s blog post said back in February, “As more people use mobile devices to access the internet, our algorithms have to adapt to these usage patterns.”

Mobilegeddon: how to survive?

Making your site mobile friendly as quickly as possible is the only sure route to survival. Let’s face it. “If your search engine ranking is important to your business …” has become the equivalent of starting a sentence with “If oxygen is important to human life …”

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